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Does Lipozene Really Aid Weight Loss?

lipozene weight loss pill comercial

Lipozene weight loss pill comercial.

Dieting is one of our biggest allies, when done properly. The Lipozene weight loss pill is yet another contender in the weight loss world. There are as yet no complaints from satisfied users; however, the product claims to be an all-natural alternative to exercise, and the only known ingredient is glucomannan. This ingredient is a fiber that is thought to alleviate constipation, increase your good cholesterol, and fight obesity.

This product has not yet been evaluated nor endorsed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration or by the NHS in the UK. There are vitamins included in the ingredient list; however, the amounts are so small that they are trivial. The only active ingredient is the glucomannan.

Lipozene Directives
People choosing to take Lipozene are to take two capsules three times per day for a total of six pills daily. The manufacturers, Obesity Research Institute LLC, claim that you will lose weight with little to no effort on your part. Until recently, it was unknown how glucomannan works; but, now it is known through clinical research that this ingredient helps to sustain a feeling of fullness and decreases the caloric intake of the individual. This helps suppress the appetite and regulate bowel movements.

Lipozene Advantages
Glucomannan, being a natural fiber, is a benefit of the Lipozene weight loss pill. The pill has been supported by a clinical study and those wishing to try it out can even receive free samples to see if the product will work as it claims. This also allows you to check with your physician to see if this product will be safe and effective for your body style.

Lipozene Disadvantages
There are drawbacks, however. For instance, the product’s website does not provide enough specific information as to the product to sustain its credibility. Also, it claims to burn fat, which it does not do. It simply prevents you from eating as much as you normally would because of the full feeling that this product provides. On the Lipozine website and elsewhere you will find many negative reviews as to the effectiveness of this product. If you do some research, you will also find that the manufacturer of this supplement has not been proven to be reliable.

After looking at this product from all sides, it is safe to say that this product is risky at best. There is not enough adequate information about the product’s ingredients and without a complete ingredient list, you have no way of being able to make an informed decision as to whether this product is safe for you or not.

P.S.: At WeightLossBucket.com we are not encouraging anyone do ingest weight loss pills in order to return to a healthy weight. We always pledge for healthy eating and exercise. However, due to the large number of request we agreed to review the Lipozene weight loss pill and share our opinion about it. This doesn’t mean that we’ve changed our weight loss approach. We are convinced that weight loss pills are not the best solution.

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