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Does Lymphatic Drainage aid Weight Loss?

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

The lymphatic system in your body is a series of connected nodes, ducts and organs that play a vital part in your immune system. They serve the particular purpose of releasing all sorts of nasty substances from your body and thus keeping you properly healthy. Lymphatic drainage for weight loss involves a series of massage and exercise techniques in order to get the nodes to release their contents thus stimulating weight loss and getting ready of some of these unwanted substances from the body.

The massages for lymphatic drainage weight loss can be performed by you, or you can treat yourself and have it done in a spa. The actual massages free up the fluids in your lymph nodes, allowing it to leave the body, and thus releasing weight in the form of dead cells and fluids. Not only will this make you weight slightly less, it also increases the circulation in your body, which in turn increases your metabolism which aids weight loss again. Furthermore, it helps clean out your immune system which will increase its efficiency – those colds will go away faster!

Another benefit to lymphatic drainage is that it has been known to treat and prevent cellulite and can help you take control of skin disorders.

Whilst lymphatic drainage aids weight loss, it must be done along with other weight loss plans such as a proper diet and exercise programme. In fact, lymphatic drainage and weight loss work better together when you are doing other weight loss programmes; it should be seen as a supplement action that aids your weight loss progress.

You should massage your lymph nodes for lymphatic drainage depending on how active you are. If you are very active then you might only need to do it once a month, or less. If you are fairly sedentary then one or two sessions a week is more appropriate.

When you are engaging in lymphatic drainage for weight loss, be really careful with your lymph nodes as they are an important part of your body – massaging them too hard can lead to them collapsing; not what you want to achieve! Also keep a check if they are starting to become swollen or inflamed at all. Whilst swollen lymph nodes occur when you have certain common cold infections, they should be examined by your physician if they stick around for a long period of time.

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