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Does Sugar free mean Calorie free?

sugar free candy
When you see a label that says that the food is sugar free we automatically seem to assume that it is much healthier for us. In one sense, this is true; in terms of the health of your teeth if you eat foods and consume drinks that are sugar free then you will reduce the build up of plaque on your teeth and, therefore, you will have less chance of your teeth rotting. However, the commonly heard belief is that you will lose weight if you are eating foods that are sugar free yet this is not the case; sugar free does not necessarily mean that the food is calorie free (in fact, you could argue with the exception of perhaps water or celery (which makes you lose more calories through eating it than they give you) all foods will make you consume a certain amount of calories.

If you are ready to eat foods then you have to accept that you will be consuming at least a few calories. The whole point about losing weight is that it is a delicate balancing act that means that you shouldn’t try to stop taking in calories (that’s impossible; unless you are intending to starve yourself you have to accept that you will be taking in some calories when you eat something). There is no such thing as a calorie free food; the only advantage to eating foods that are sugar free is that they do reduce the amount of calories that you take in which will make it much easier in the long run to lose the weight again.

Take Coca Cola™ as an example. Obviously, in an ideal world it wouldn’t exist, so the temptation wouldn’t be there in the first place. However, you have many different types of Coca Cola™ which can all be consumed depending on how you perceive them. If you are looking to lose weight then it is incredibly likely that you will choose either Coke Zero™ or Diet Coke™ as opposed to the traditional type. The idea is that, by choosing the sugar free version, you can have the same taste without the weight gain. Yet, it is not calorie free because the other ingredients (all the chemicals and sweeteners) also make you take in calories. Of course, it would be ideal if this wasn’t the case, however sugar free does not mean calorie free, merely that there are fewer calories.

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