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Easy Celery Weight Loss Soup

celery weight loss soup
Celery is one of the foods that always seems to be a mystery to the shopper. It doesn’t taste of anything, and it has a crunchy texture but we always buy it and place it in the fridge. The one thing we don’t know what to do with it is how to cook it! We are very reluctant to add it where it is not required which means that we hardly ever use it. Yet, celery weight loss diets are incredibly successful; indeed celery and weight loss are inseparable. One good thing to use your celery for is celery soup.

Celery soup is an integral part of any celery weight loss diet. It is incredibly easy to cook and it can be stored for a very long time. Here is an easy recipe for the celery weight loss soup. Check the following ingredients and directions.

Celery Weight Loss SoupIngredients and Directions
All you need is 3 celery stalks, vegetable stock (the quantity depends upon how thick you want your soup to be – it is best to experiment), tomatoes and carrots. Chop all the vegetables into small pieces. Then place the tomatoes, carrots and stock into a blending machine and blend until they have reached the desired consistency (again, this varies from person to person). Having done this, pour the soup into a pan and bring to simmer. Once simmering, add the celery. Heat for about 10 minutes and then serve with wholemeal bread. This can provide lunches for a week.

The reason why celery soup does not involve the celery being blended is that it would nullify the effect that the celery weight loss regime will have. Celery is an odd food in that you burn off more calories eating it than it gives you. By keeping the celery chunks intact you keep the texture and the necessity to chew the celery. This helps you to burn off calories eating the celery soup. It is also very rich in vitamins and water, which will keep you healthy.

You can also place chopped celery into an assortment of sandwiches or even eat them on their own, although the latter method would be a rather tasteless experience! A celery weight loss diet works if you are able to sustain it for a long time. This is why it is advisable to incorporate celery into existing recipes instead of eating it on its own – you’ll be much more likely to keep it up!

Celery and weight loss have been linked for centuries because they have always had the desired effect. However it is still not a popular weight loss regime. Thankfully you read this article and have now a chance to try out the celery weight loss soup. You can also check the tomato and cabbage weight loss soup.

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