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Eat Healthy – Avoid Food with Growth Hormones

animals with growth hormones
Business is a rapidly changing place, and profit is more important now than ever before. Profit of course was always important in business, but now many companies are willing to cut big corners to increase theirs, even if that comes at the expensive of the customers. This is where growth hormones come in. Farmers are perfectly happy to feed growth hormones to their pigs, cows, sheep, and other edible livestock to fatten them up faster and sell them for money (as meat is sold by weight). It is estimated that over 90% of animals in America are treated with such hormones. The result of this on you is that the meat and dairy products we eat contain traces of growth hormones.

These are harmless enough but these hormones can increase fat storage in humans – when losing weight, increased fat storage is exactly the thing you are trying to avoid so it is always recommended to avoid food with growth hormones. There are also a notable amount of health risks associated with these growth hormones, including the development of such cancers, so even if you’re not trying to lose weight, you should still consider stopping eating these products.

So, how can I avoid growth hormones you may ask? The first solution is simple, but by no means easy; eat healthy food that doesn’t come from animals. But, this might not be a realistic option for most people so instead you should carefully look at the packaging on products derived from animals as some countries now label when food contains growth hormones. There is also the option of buying organic produce as there is a lower chance of these products containing growth hormones because these chemicals are, in their main, artificial and would therefore not be allowed to be branded under organic labelling; if you’re in America always look for a “USDA-certified organic” label. For those in Europe, the EU has recently passed a ruling that states that farm animals cannot have their growth altered with hormones, making it much easier for you to avoid food with growth hormones.

These ideas also apply to dairy products as well, as cows are used for milk as well as meat. Some of the chemicals end up in the milk supply and these go into our bottles of milk, our cheeses and our butters. Again to avoid growth hormones you need to look for organic produce.

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