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Eat Slowly and Improve Your Digestion Process

eating slowly
A common misconception is that when you eat quickly, you end up eating less. People have done research into how eating slowly affects weight and the results are pretty conclusive. Eat slowly and you will improve your digestion process and end up losing weight.

Some think that throwing food down their throats as rapidly as possible means that somehow the brain tells you to eat less. This is not the case. In fact, the reverse is true. It can take around 20 minutes for the signals from your stomach tell your brain that you are full.

If you eat quickly, that’s 20 minutes of excess eating that your body doesn’t want. No wonder you won’t lose weight like that; throwing masses of extra food into an already full stomach. The digestion process will be seriously affected by this bad eating habit.

If we eat slowly, by the time the brain decides we’re full we have eaten enough. We feel full much quicker so don’t pile those excess calories into the body.

Another good explanation for losing weight while eating slowly is the one that eating slowly will aid your digestive system, as it simplifies the digestion process.

Digestion should begin in the mouth. That, after all, is the reason why saliva is created in such quantities. If you eat quickly, you don’t chew your food as well as you could do. The enzymes in your saliva have a larger surface area to act upon so are much less effective at breaking down your food. That results in more undigested food going into your stomach.
Not only is this a bad idea in terms of making your stomach work too hard, it also results in you getting less out of your food – the body only keeps food in the stomach for a short time before the inevitable happens. If you have already partially digested your food in the mouth (because you are eating slower so chewing more and breaking your food up more) it is much more likely that your stomach will be able to extract the most benefit from the food. If the nutrients are out of the food instead of in it, that’s a lot less bulk loitering around your midriff!

It can be very difficult, and in this age of ‘business’ mentality where everything has to be done at 100 mph we have a tendency to apply speed to everything we do. Yet if we eat slower and take the time to relax whilst we are eating, the health benefits will be felt almost straight away.

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