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Eat Smaller Helpings, More Often

small serving
If you want to lose weight naturally, one option you should consider is simply having less to eat at meal times. Make sure you are disciplined when you serve yourself a portion – maybe even use a smaller plate so you can’t fit as much on! Then you will be in the mindset of thinking that you have had one of your three main meals of the day, and yet you’ll have saved yourself from eating a little bit of food. If you go out to a restaurant, you can quite often eat three to four, or maybe more, portions of a regular meal without even thinking about it because you’re having a good time. If you can cut down on restaurant trips, or have a starter instead of a main, you’re already cutting down your portion sizes without any major sacrifices.

If you feel hungry after doing this, it might be wise just to cut down a little bit each day. For example, on the first day of your diet you could have a quarter of a spoonful less of something, and the next day you could try half a spoonful less and so on until you get down to a portion size that is small enough to help you lose the required amount of weight, yet big enough to prevent you from snacking. Not only will this help lose weight, but in the long term you will save yourself money. You will eventually end up needing to buy fewer ingredients because you are making less food, which of course results in less money spent.

With smaller helpings, you can also afford to eat a little more often. This is good for your body as you have less food at once to digest, and your digestive system is working more constantly without big stops and starts. In the long run you should see an improvement in your metabolism so that food gets processed quicker and more efficient. The speed at which your metabolism works will result in food leaving your body faster and the different components of the foods (fats, sugars et cetera) being digested in the best ways for your body, resulting in a healthier body.

If you are skeptical about whether this method will work, consider the fact that potions sizes in the USA are 30% to 50% bigger than what they were a few decades ago and now there are more obese people than ever before. Logic tells us that a correlation here is likely.

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