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Eating Breakfast Early Helps a Lot

family eating breakfast
We all lead very busy lives and, often, we find ourselves having to sacrifice various activities during the day. This is usually the case early in the morning, whether because we over sleep or had to get up earlier than you normally would, and the tendency is to skip our breakfast because, let’s face it, generally we don’t eat that much and we can probably make it to lunch time without needing to eat – that large tea is still languishing around in there to give me sustenance. However, eating breakfast, and in particular, eating breakfast early, is the most important thing you can do in the morning in terms of losing weight.

Firstly, just in terms of gaining energy for the day. In general, we sleep for around 8 hours which means that, essentially, we are going 8 hours without eating. If we wake up at 7 and don’t eat until 12 then that’s an additional 5 hours without eating which results in you going 13 hours (over half a day) without a meal. Obviously you are going to be devoid of the essential levels of energy if you aren’t keeping your body topped with food. With a lack of energy comes an inefficient mind; we process things slower and work slower which will merely pile the work on later in the day and, as such, longer hours. Eating breakfast puts calories and, therefore, energy back into our body and leaves us with enough energy to continue working efficiently until lunch.

By eating breakfast early we can change our eating pattern in such a way that it not only sustains us but can also help with your attempts to lose weight. If you eat an early breakfast then you are more inclined to eat your lunch earlier; your body is in a routine of eating so the hunger receptors feel more acute. You therefore feel hunger earlier and will eat lunch (and subsequently tea) earlier. This means that you have finished eating well before you sleep so your metabolism is still working at an optimum level. Also, eating breakfast prevents you snacking during the day. Even though you may think you aren’t hungry you’re body is still in need of additional energy so you are much more inclined to eat snacks that give you a quick boost of energy; usually more fatty and sugary foods.

Eating breakfast provides a long term energy source that sustains you throughout the morning; meaning you don’t need to snack.

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