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Efficient Tips for Getting Sexy Calves

toning shoes for sexy calves

Toning shoes for sexy calves.

Who doesn’t want to have beautiful, sexy legs and calves in particular? Many of us are doing plenty to lose weight and tone up, but we worry that we will end up having big, muscular calves, rather than hot and sexy legs. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to make sure you end up with hot calves, rather than calves suitable for the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Toning Shoes
There are now a number of companies that have brought out toning shoes. These are great, because they force you to use your calves muscles as you walk, but not in such a way that they become big and bulky. Plus, this is a great way to work out on the go, without having to fit in a busy exercise regime. When it comes to calves weight loss is a very tricky matter. Either your calves end up looking too saggy, or they end up looking too big. With toning shoes, however, you will have them looking amazing.

You would be surprised at how crucial cosmetics are when it comes to having sexy legs. First of all, make sure your calves are beautiful and brown. If you live somewhere where it is cold, either use a self-tan, or wear stockings in a nude skin color that is just slightly darker than your own color. A good concealer is essential, because you need to make sure that any imperfections (like varicose veins!!!) are very well hidden.

Last but not least, after you have made yourself a nice fresh pot of coffee, make sure you keep the coffee grounds. They are fantastic at exfoliating your skin, removing all the dead skin cells and leaving your skin shiny and radiant.

No woman wants to have muscular calves, unless you are a fitness fanatic. What we want is beautiful, curvy, feminine calves. This can seem incredibly difficult to achieve, because it seems to be either or, but don’t worry too much. Simply lay off the leg exercise machines, because these will make your whole legs look muscular. Opt for the toning shoes (or tie weights to your ankles) when you’re out and about, make your legs nice and brown, remove all the dead skin and you will be good to go and ready to wear those amazing stilettos in no time. Naturally, make sure you have the outfit to match as well!

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