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Experience Zumba Weight Loss with Zumba Fitness

zumba for weight loss

Zumba for weight loss

Zumba weight loss is an excellent fitness regime to follow; it’s a good fun way to lose weight and keep very fit. The Zumba programme is basically based on an adaptation of Latin moves, combined with resistance training in order to produce a workout that will really get your heart pumping. The sessions mix up lots of different routines and rhythms to give you a varied workout. The Zumba weight loss programme is a tried and tested method, which is now available in 105 countries with 60,000 outlets and millions of individual DVDs sold.

The history behind Zumba weight loss was celebrity fitness trainer Beto Perez went to his aerobics session forgetting his usual aerobics music, and all he had with him was traditional Latin salsa music. This saw Perez inventing a new aerobics regime on the spot, to Latin music and hence Zumba fitness was born! Over the course of the past 10 years, Zumba fitness has developed and taken the world by storm, offering instructors the chance to get trained in Zumba techniques and pass on the Zumba fitness message.

If you’re looking to do Zumba at home without having to splash out for expensive gym membership or local Zumba class, you can buy an introductory DVD from Zumba or download some Zumba fitness music off the internet. Many places offer such music as it is a popular choice for those looking to lose weight today.

So how does Zumba weight loss actually work? Once you’ve got your music playing you get going into a rhythmic dance which burns off calories and helps you lose weight. This provides a good cardiovascular workout. Next you can bring in some weights to your workout, helping you burn more and more calories and increase your muscle volume.

The Zumba fitness regime utilises fast and slow rhythms and workouts which have been proven to do wonders for your weight and at the same time increase your metabolic rate for some hours after exercising. Zumba weight loss is very effective in inducing discipline and fun into your fitness programme as ‘normal’ exercise can get very boring and repetitive, yet Zumba is different every time you do it and will actually make you want to do more. Going to Zumba weight loss classes is advantageous to the workout programme too as you will meet like-minded people who want to lose weight and also enjoy Zumba weight loss.

Watch some basic Zumba fitness moves, like ‘Que te mueve’, ‘Basic Reggaeton’ and ‘Salsa Travel’:

And now watch an example of a Zumba fitness class:

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  • Karen July 18, 2011, 3:40 pm

    Hi, Im a Zumba Fitness Instructor and love teaching!

    I have many people in my classes who have lost weight – an average 2 dress sizes and they feel and great!

    Zumba Fitness is not just fun and fitness and exercise in disguise, but helps emotionally/mentally as well as physically.

    I suffer with long term health problems and this has helped me a great deal too.

    It has also become a social event, where people have met friends as well as having fun.

  • Jilian January 7, 2013, 2:13 am

    I simply love Zumba!!! attending to classes 5 days per week

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