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Extreme Boxing Weight Loss Tips

boxing weight loss

Woman performing boxing weight loss

Boxers who fight in championships need to really look after their weight otherwise they could turn up to a match and find that they are the wrong weight for the match and therefore can’t fight; they would lose by default. You can imagine, therefore, that there are lots of boxing weight loss tips available in various places to teach people about losing weight for boxing and, crucially, keeping it off. However, you don’t just have to apply this to boxing; you can perfectly well use these tips for your own weight loss goals.

Boxing Weight LossTraining
A key part of losing weight for boxing is a frequent workout; these workouts can burn between 350 and 500 calories per hour making it an excellent form of weight loss exercise. If you’ve looked into boxing weight loss, you may well have heard of plyometric circuit training. What this entails is a two-minute circuit training course with the time split equally over the following eight exercises (i.e. 15 seconds on each exercise); vertical jumps, chin-ups, seated medicine ball throws, punches with dumbbells, abdominal crunches, side jumps, more punching with dumbbells and finally finishing off with large medicine ball sit ups. Even though each of these activities should be done for only 15 seconds each, the idea is to do them at a very high intensity so as to get a proper workout from them.

Boxing Weight LossDieting
Dieting is another major part of losing weight for boxing, however it is not enough just to eat the ‘right’ things that you would usually eat for general weight loss. If you are boxing you may need to lose weight to make your desired weight class, but at the same time you need to retain that muscle. Therefore a diet high in protein is needed. However, if you’re simply following boxing weight loss tips to lose weight you can ignore the high protein diet and choose your own preferred weight loss diet.

Boxing Weight LossHydration
Finally, the third point to make about losing weight for boxing is the type of hydration that you should choose for your training, here there are three main types of sports drinks; isotonic, energy and recovery. Isotonic drinks allow for water to be absorbed into your system as quickly as possible and thus rehydrate you for an intense and sustained workout. Energy drinks do pretty much what they say on the label; provide energy to your muscles to keep on pumping iron and, finally, recovery drinks are taken right after training to give the muscles all they need to recover as fast as possible. For your fitness and weight loss for boxing you simply need to decide which of these hydration techniques are best for you.

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