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FDA Rejects Lorcaserin Weight Loss Drug!

Lorcaserin Weight Loss Drug

Lorcaserin Weight Loss Drug

The Food and Drug Administration officials rejected the Lorcaserin drug. This is not the first and probably not the last weight loss drug which fails to win an approval from the American FDA. The rejection has been motivated because of a possible serious side-effect caused by the pill, which is called cancer. Lab tests have shown that several rats used for testing developed tumors.

The Lorcaserin drug was only rated as having a “slim margin” efficiency and providing potential “relatively low” weight loss. The FDA considers that the risk of cancer definitely exceeds the weight loss results provided by the pill. Breast-cancer tumors were found in rats taking the drug, however not in humans!

Lorcaserin is a weight loss drug produced by ‘Arena Pharmaceuticals Inc’. The rejection did obviously not please the producers. They intend to commit now to several studies in order to prove that their drug is worth for approval. However, if they manage to convince the FDA officials to change their mind, Lorcaserin can only reach the market in 2015, in case of a potential approval.

Contrave is the upcoming weight loss pill waiting for FDA approval. It will be rated starting with December 7. This drug is produced by ‘Orexigen Therapeutics Inc’ and it’s the last hope for everyone seeking for a miracle weight loss product. There have passed 10 years since a new weight loss drug was approved by the FDA. Side-effects including increased risks of heart attacks and cancer compared with minimal to medium weight loss efficiency have forced the Food and Drug Administration to reject all the pills proposed for approval.

Arena’s shares dropped by 56% after a rumors hit the market that Lorcaserin will be rejected. Check the below Youtube video which illustrates the producers plan to market their potential weight loss drug and the amount of money involved with this deal. Eisai Co Ltd is the Japanese company which holds U.S. marketing rights to Lorcaserin:

Lorcaserin can also be presented in a positive light. Check out some of the clinical test and a reportage released before the FDA decision, which advertised this drug as another miracle weight loss pill:

News provided by: Reuters.

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