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Fitness Exercises for Senior Weight Loss

fitness for seniors

Fitness For Seniors

Whatever your age, fitness is important. However, as you get older you may find it gets more difficult to find an activity that you can fully participate in, especially if you haven’t been very fit in the past. What a lot of people don’t realise is that there are loads of senior exercise programmes to help seniors lose weight and keep fit.

A good exercise for seniors is taking part in aerobic exercise – this should make up the core part of your exercise routine, whether you’re a beginner or expert. This can be any moderately-intensive exercise such as walking, jogging, biking or swimming. You should choose an activity that isn’t too strenuous on your body to carry out, but is enough to get your heart pumping relatively quickly – you should feel warm and slightly out of breath, but not sweaty. You should do this sort of exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes a day, at least 5 days a week.

As you get older you lose a lot of muscle so senior fitness exercises should contain exercises that help replace this muscle. Doing 100lbs deadlifts isn’t going to help you out however; you should be doing basic resistance training. Even small dumbbells with a few easy exercises targeting all the main muscle groups is an excellent thing to go about doing. When you buy dumbbells the pack generally comes with a guide to exercises that can be performed with the weights.

You will begin to feel the benefits of doing these senior exercise routines after just a few short weeks – you should find that your mood increases and that you have improved concentration. In fact, you should feel completely better in yourself.

If you’re nervous about getting started on a senior weight loss or senior exercise programme, then just start small; no one can get up off the sofa and run a marathon! If you plan to run a mile a day then start by walking a quarter of one. When you can do this easily maybe you’ll want to walk half a mile, and then increase it until you can run quarter of a mile and you’ll soon have hit your goal.

Finally, consider this for some inspiration. A documentary film was made about a group of 10 people who surfed the coast of Hawaii – some of the biggest waves in the world – and they are all above age 70. In fact, one is well aged over 90. It just shows that you’re never too old to do some real fun exercise!

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