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the dukan diet

Dukan Diet

The Dukan Diet is a very popular diet, followed by thousands of people worldwide, however it is often rarely mentioned due to it not being very controversial and therefore hasn’t featured in the news as much as some other diets such as the Atkins Diet.

The basic idea behind the Dukan Diet plan is a selection of 100 foods (72 from the ‘animal world’ and 28 from the ‘plant world’) that you can eat as much of as you like. The Dukan Diet has a strong support network in place to help you lose weight and keep it off; following the Dukan Diet menu will help you lose weight regularly, they claim. The plan that you follow will take you through four phases, Attack, Cruise, Consolidation and Stabilisation.

The Attack phrase aims to reduce your weight rather rapidly with the initial inception of the diet by eating a selection of 72 high-protein foods chosen by the diet operators. After this you then move onto the Cruise phase where you are allowed to eat a further 28 types of food, adding to the 72 you are already allowed, thus bringing the total to 100. In this phase of the Dukan Diet you alternate between just eating the 72 initial foods one day, and then including the other 28 the next. The Consolidation period follows which lasts 10 days of the Dukan Diet plan and sees you returning to a ‘normal’ diet, i.e. they remove the food restrictions that have been in place. Finally, you finish in the stabilisation phase where you follow 3 steps to keep your weight permanently off.

The Dukan Diet is certainly a tried and tested diet plan, having been published in 10 languages and sold in 20 countries. Even though it has such a broad spread, it is so universal that isn’t changed even when it is sold in different countries. Even French doctors have been advising obese patients to follow the Dukan Diet. In fact, the Dukan Diet has been invented by a French dietitian, Dr. Pierre Dukan.

What you have always got to remember however is that the Dukan Diet plan is a commercial operation, and so you can read this in two ways; one is that they are looking for money out of you, or the other is that you are paying for professional service. Whichever way you see it the Dukan Diet plan does have an amazing support network in place, which is immediately evident on a visit to their website; they have a live chat function that you can use to chat with trained members of staff and discuss their diet.

The Dukan Diet is always worth a shot. However, this article is just a short review of it. If you need more insight about this weight loss plan, or simply want to contact their live chat, visit their official website located at DukanDiet.co.uk.

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