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Football a Great Weight Loss Hobby

Football and weight loss

Football and Weight Loss

Football could be described as the UK’s pastime. We go mad when our favourite teams are playing, and get psyched up about the World Cup every time – even though we don’t seem to get very far. However bad our national record though, football is great for weight loss.

Football and weight loss go hand in hand – you spend long periods of time sprinting up and down the pitch, changing direction and diving around tackling people. You’re running at the sort of heart rate that will not only improve your cardio, but also build strength in your muscles, making it easier to follow a harder fitness regime later on if you want to. It is a good sport to play whatever your fitness or ability – there are teams for the under 8s and younger, right up to the over 70s or 80s.

Being in that team environment and having fun should motivate you to stay fit. It can be hard to go out running on your own, you can often feel like you can’t be bothered, but with football you know your team needs you there and you will have to get up and go.

If you worried about your child’s fitness levels then you can get them involved in youth football for weight loss. They can play almost anywhere, whether it is in the playground at school, the park after school with their friends, or just a kick around with you in your garden or on a quiet street, it all helps for their fitness levels. It will also help their personal development as they get to interact with people on a team, build communication skills, and learn how to act in a friendly manner. It should also teach them about being a good competitor – being a ‘good loser’ and not getting angry. These skills will all become important in later life, especially in the workplace.

With football for weight loss, there is no expensive gym to join and you don’t need to make any big investments in kit – all you need is some trainers and a ball. Most people already have some decent trainers, and balls can be bought for under £1 (for an air ball) or £5 for a cheap, but higher quality, football.

Finally, if you’re playing football competitively, an hour of playing can burn between 500 and 750 calories depending on your weight, possibly more for some people. Taking the example of playing an hour of football a day, and losing 500 calories for every hour, you would lose about a pound of fat every week if your diet didn’t change!

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