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Former Sportsman, Dean loses 30 Pounds in 6 Months

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Dean is a former footballer. He has practiced sport as a professional level for almost 25 years. His body was trained to consume lots of energy daily since he was 10. Dean’s problems started to appear after he retired. He gained wait almost instantly as he failed to modify his diet once he stopped doing 3, 4 hours of daily physical activity. Read his whole story. Learn from his mistakes and get inspired by his weight loss success:

When you’ve played football all your life, you tend to get a little bit complacent when it comes to weight. Having been in a youth academy since the age of 10 and after a professional career spanning over 20 years with decent teams throughout the inferior British League Divisions, and thousands of practice games with my mates, I was in tip top condition when I retired, from ‘professional’ activity, aged 40. You don’t realise it but your condition doesn’t stay so good after a few years!

The thing is, throughout my career, my body had been used to working very efficiently; with a majority of the energy within the food being used during training and matches. My diet consisted largely of complex carbs; lots of pasta throughout the day! The issue that I had was that once I’d retired from the game, I was no longer doing intense training every day so all that energy taken from my energy rich diet was not being used and was stored as fat. Within the year after my career ended, I had put on an extra 40 pounds.

Obviously, when I visited a few of my former clubs I came in for a bit of ribbing; many jokes were made about my changing physique and, although I tried to laugh it off, I found it hard to disguise the fact that I was unhappy with my weight. In fact, it was with this banter in mind that I decided to undertake a stringent weight loss programme.

My first decision was to change my diet because, as much as I loved my food, it wasn’t the sort that I needed if I was to keep my weight down. So I reduced the amount of carbohydrate rich foods that I was eating and turned more to proteins to fill me up but not give me too much energy. I also got membership at the local gym because I knew that exercise would help me to lose weight.

What a transformation! This combination of diet and exercise has resulted in a 30 pound weight loss! I have managed to get myself down to within 10 pounds of my target weight in half the time it took me to put it on; that’s right, I lost 30 pounds in 6 months! I’ve never felt better and am not coming in for any more jokes at my old clubs. You never know, I might even take part in the Masters competition sometime! Good luck to y’ll!

Submitted by: Dean, aged 43 from Berwick.

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