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GenoVive Gene Weight Loss Approach

women with different obesity genes

Genes play an important role in weight loss.

If you’ve ever wondered about how your best friend manages to stay really slim despite the amount of junk food she eats, and put it down to her genes, you may just be right. Scientists at Stanford University have recently discovered the “skinny gene” that some people are blessed with and taken this further to create specific gene weight loss plans. The thinking is that if you undertake a weight loss program that is designed to your specific gene type you are much more likely to lose weight and lose it fast.

Now a company known as GenoVive (focused on weight loss) has acted upon these findings and is determining specific gene weight loss plans for individuals. Although the genes and weight loss program offered by GenoVive only launched in August the GenoVive weight loss approach has been tested for over two years. The company’s claim is that if you follow the specific GenoVive weight loss program for your gene type, you can lose up to two and a half more times the amount of weight than you would on a normal diet.

So how do you embark on the GenoVive weight loss program? The GenoVive weight loss program can be undertaken by anyone. The first step is to have your genes tested which can take between five and seven days. Once you know what type of genes you have you will be given a specific diet plan and an exercise regime to follow that is specific to your gene type.

The cost of the DNA test is $150 but this can be reclaimed if you opt to follow the genes and weight loss program offered by GenoVive which is priced at a hefty $599 a month. Although the price tag is quite large, GenoVive does clearly have something going for it, with proven results in a number of obese people who have struggled with their diet plans for years.

The dieticians at GenoVive who have been looking closely into weight loss and genes claim that although some diets will work well for certain people, they are an uphill struggle for others whose bodies do not mobilise fat in the same way. By taking the GenoVive weight loss approach, you really could lose weight and keep it off. How many people decide to take up their genes and weight loss plan remains to be seen, but the results are certainly impressive.

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