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Great Tips for Effortless Weight Loss

organic fruits and vegetables

Organic Fruits and Vegetables

Dr Ian Smith has recently published a book called EAT which helps you lose weight effortlessly by teaching you how to eat more effectively. It is essentially an effortless weight loss tip. The programme is flexible meaning that people are more inclined to follow the diet as they feel less bound by rules. People also like the idea of choice and variety too which is what EAT is offering.

The effortless weight loss comes from the fact that Dr Ian Smith has come up with some charts that show you which foods are the best sources of nutrients allowing you to get the most effective nutrition you need; this means you don’t need to hunt around the web to work out the best sources of everything. But if you don’t have the book, keep reading and we’ll summarise his points here.

The foods recommended for healthy weight loss include lots of fresh fruit, and in particular the fruits that have the lowest Glycemic Index (GI) ratings, including pear, kiwi, red grapes and apples. Some of these fruits are recommended to be eaten organic (including the ones that have skins that you eat – check the image above), for others it is not so necessary. Lentils and cottage cheese have a similar effect to the weight loss fruits. These things provide great proteins so that you don’t have to eat fish or meat if you want.

Fibre is an important part of easy weight loss as it makes you feel fuller and improves your intestinal health. Fibre comes from legumes such as asparagus, sweet peas, broccoli, spinach and sprouts. The fibre can’t be digested and sits in your system longer so that you feel fuller.

Finally, carbohydrates are good body fuels, but the ones recommended are 100% whole wheat (looking for it on the label) rather than standard carbohydrates found in everyday meals.

Dr Ian Smith promotes one of his great tips for weight loss – his 80-20 rule. This aims to produce easy weight loss by only making you follow the diet for 80% of the stuff you are eating; the remaining 20% you are allowed to eat what you want. He claims that makes more effortless weight loss as you’re still eating 20% worth of food you really like. However, if you want to be stricter you can limit snacks to low fat popcorn, as long as you don’t eat it with butter!

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