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Green Tea Diet Smoothie Recipe

green tea diet smoothie

Green Tea Diet Smoothie

Preparation Time: 7 Min | Cooking Time: 3 Min | Served within: 10 Min | Servings: 1

Green Tea is the perfect ingredient for a diet smoothie. As presented in a previous article green tea aids weight loos. It also helps preventing some types of cancer (esophageal), fights against high cholesterol, cardiovascular diseases and arthritis.

The Green Tea Diet Smoothie is a simple but yet very healthy and natural beverage. Besides the green tea health, benefits, the recipe shared today, includes mango. Mango is a tropical fruit which prevents and helps people suffering from anemia, as it contains iron. This is a great benefit for individuals engaged in a weight loss diet. Mango also aids in poor digestion and fights against acidity. This fruit is a strong antioxidant, containing phenols, which help in preventing cancer. And last but not least mango’s are well know for being an excellent source of Vitamin A and E.

The following green tea smoothie recipe is common amongst top models. Believe it or not, for some of them this beverage represents their single meal of the day. However, you should not try copying top models, as most of them are under close surveillance of a professional nutritionist. No one will stop you though to use this recipe as your Thursday morning breakfast.

Green Tea Smoothie RecipeIngredients
– 1 cup of green tea (cold)
– 1/2 from a mango
– 1 tablespoon of maple syrup
– 1 slice of lime juice
– 2 grain crackers
– 2 ice cubes

Green Tea Smoothie RecipeMethod
1. If you do not have brewed green tea available, brew it and let it chill for 1 hour.
2. In a blender add the green tea, mango, the slice of lime and 1 ice cube. Blend for a few seconds.
3. Now add the maple syrup, the grain crackers and the 2nd ice cube. Mix until you get a smooth beverage.
4. Serve it cold as soon as you finish preparing it!

Green Tea Smoothie RecipeTip
The cooking time displayed at the top, considers that you already have the brewed green tea prepared. Else you should add 60 minutes to the total and preparation time. Enjoy!

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