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Green Tea Weight Loss Benefits

drinking green tea
For years, green tea and weight loss have been linked. If you go to any Chinese remedy shop throughout the country and ask for a weight loss remedy, the choice is nearly always green tea. Now, we have to be realistic here, green tea will not make you lose weight at rate befitting that of a celebrity! Nor should it be used solely in a diet – that will, of course, have a detrimental effect on your health and your body and will leave you malnourished and unwell. However, when used in conjunction with other diets, green tea will enhance your weight loss.

Green tea can be bought in a number of forms. If you are not one for drinking hot drinks then obviously you are not going to be drawn to green tea as a beverage. It is fortunate, therefore, that green tea can be bought in a tablet form and can be taken at your leisure. This is one of the green tea benefits – you can take it in whichever form best suits you. Green tea is rich in vitamin C so the benefits extend far beyond those of simply weight loss.

However, green tea weight loss is still the main reason why it is the choice for many who strive to lose weight. Green tea helps to speed up your metabolism due to the antioxidants it contains and means that food is processed much more efficiently during digestion. It also contains caffeine. Caffeine stimulates the nervous system and turns the fat in your body back into energy which then filters into the bloodstream and is used up. This helps you to lose weight. The caffeine also increases the adrenaline that you have in your body and, as such, gives you a desire to exercise more and, as such, you burn off calories and lose weight. As such, green tea weight loss occurs both directly and indirectly.

Because of the antioxidants in green tea, weight loss also occurs with the detoxification that comes as a result of drinking green tea. Simply by drinking 2 or 3 cups per day, you take in enough polyphenols to allow for a thorough detox. This removes the waste from your body which will make you lose weight; another way in which green tea and weight loss are linked.

Therefore, whilst you should certainly not substitute other foods for a green tea diet, green tea weight loss is clinically proven and easy to achieve when used in conjunction with healthy eating.

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