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Hoodia Gordonii – Appetite Suppressing Weight Loss Plant

hoodia goordonii weight loss plant
Hoodia Gordonii is seemingly one of the most unappealing weight loss remedies available but this is based solely on the plant itself. It is not the most aesthetically pleasing and has a smell of rotten meat; being largely pollinated by flies. It is also, unusually, a South African plant (most weight loss remedies originate in the Orient) so is relatively new on the world weight loss market. In spite of this, it is a very effective weight loss remedy.

The plant’s main feature is its appetite suppression properties which essentially makes you believe that you are full and, therefore, you eat less. It does this by reducing the amount of gastric acid that your body produces by around 40%. This means that there is less acid to break down the food that is in your stomach which effectively makes you feel full for longer. This is incredibly beneficial as it ensures that you are not taking in too much food.

However, as with all appetite suppressants it essentially works on the principle that by eating less you will lose weight and, as such, you are starving yourself. Nutrient deficiencies are, therefore, a risk that must be taken into consideration when deciding what food you decide to eat and you need to ensure that your other foods are providing you with sufficient nutrients. Another issue is that, because it is affecting the way that your digestion works, you have to be very careful about drinking alcohol or taking other medication as these will have a different effect on you than you will be used to (it is essential to seek medical advice before you do this). There aren’t particularly any side effects to Hoodia, although an over consumption of the herb can cause problems with your digestion system.

How to use Hoodia Gordonii plant?
The herb can usually only be taken in tablet form as it isn’t a particularly tasty plant and is therefore best taken in a form where taste is unimportant. The additional advantage of having guidance on dosage is also a good reason why tablet form is preferred (although with no side effects this isn’t a massive issue). One thing that must be considered when buying the tablets is that you choose Hoodia Gordonii and not any of the other Hoodia forms, as it only the Gordonii plant that has the weight loss properties that are so desired and you want to avoid paying for something different.

Hoodia Gordonii weight loss is a newer product on the market, as mentioned above. It might be a proper solution if you are trying to lose weight by reducing your food intake. However, we recommend you to focus on losing weight by changing your lifestyle, eating healthy and exercising more often. Appetite suppression is not always the optimal solution.

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