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How Does Chinese Weight Loss Tea Work?

woman drinking chinese tea for weight loss

Woman drinking Chinese tea for weight loss.

It is likely that there is a Chinese medicine store near you. If you have ever been in here, you will notice that they claim to have a herbal remedy for everything. They find the best one for you depending on your symptoms, your desires and what your tongue looks like. Based on this, they will combine a range of herbs that you usually have to turn into a tea and drink several times per day for a set period of time. You may think that this is nothing but quack medicine, but Chinese medicine has been around for thousands of years. Consider, as well, that people in China are actually very healthy, and you may start to believe that drinking these concoctions may actually be beneficial. Don’t expect a fabulous taste, however. This isn’t green tea, white tea, gunpowder tea or black tea. This is a tea made entirely of a range of natural products.

How Does Chinese Tea Work for Weight Loss?
One of the reasons why people opt to see a Chinese herbal remedy specialist is to lose weight. It is very important to know the distinction between Chinese tea from a Chinese medicine store, and Chinese tea that you can purchase online. The market is quite literally flooded with Chinese diet tea and other teas that claim to aid weight loss. Some of these may very well work, but it is far more likely that they are a sales gimmick.

Real Chinese tea is made to suit your specific needs. A Chinese medicine specialist will give you a full consultation, as described above. This will give the specialist the information they need to determine what is actually causing you to need to lose weight. They believe that problems within the Chi (the energy that flows through the body from the base of the spine) is what causes all physical problems. Blockages in Chi are cause by different external and internal stresses and this is what is relieved through the herbal remedies you are given.

The Dangers of Commercial Chinese Teas
You may feel that it is safer to buy commercial Chinese teas. At least here, you have some idea of what goes in the tea – or so you believe – as they are commercially available and must hence get checked. A simple mention of the herbal slimming remedy Ephedrine should explain why something that is natural and, for a while at least, approved, is not something that is safe. If you were to take these types of Chinese slimming tea side effects include anything from severe palpitations, shortness of breath and other potentially dangerous situations.

The Benefits of Chinese Weight Loss Tea
Real Chinese tea, however, is very different. Chinese weight loss tea benefits may not be entirely recorded yet, but you do know that the products that go into the tea are not toxic. So what exactly are the benefits of Chinese slimming tea?
• Anything you consume is 100% natural
• Anything you consume is safe as it can only be imported if it is approved
• The recipe for the tea is different for everybody, because it is put together specifically for you

Those people who work at Chinese medicine stores have been trained in the ancient arts of Chinese medicine for many years, with a lot of the information they hold having been passed down from one generation to the next. They believe in natural energy that lies within all of us and they believe in using the powers of nature and Mother Earth to help you. Why not give it a try?

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