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How Does the Zone Diet Work?

The Zone Diet

The Zone Diet

The Zone diet is the brainchild of Dr Sears, a professional working in the field of nutrition. The Zone diet hinges on the idea that hunger is the result of a hormonal imbalance rather than a lack of willpower. They aim to rebalance your hormones for hunger through a variety of different ways but is strongly centred on their ‘1-2-3’ range of products. It is called the Zone diet as when you have hit the correct hormonal balance you are said to be ‘in the Zone’.

Another way the Zone diet works is by getting you to adhere to their 40:30:30 ratio of foods. This means that your diet consists of 40% carbohydrates, 30% protein and 30% fats taking you into the Zone that Dr Sears recommends. This ratio is very strict and has to be followed at every meal time to make the zone diet effective. When you order the ‘diet’ online you literally get sent the food that you’re allowed to eat every week to make sure you stick to this diet.

So how does the zone diet work? It is all to do with the hormones in your body. Special hormone products are used to control your hunger as well as the special ratio of food intake. Combining these will help you lose weight. One thing that’s not included in the diet however is an exercise routine. A lot of diets include at least a small element of exercise, but this one does not, and this is why there is some speculation behind the diet. Exercise is an important factor concerning weight loss and if you’ve got a lot of weight to lose, want to do some exercise or aren’t particularly strong-willed when it comes to changing your diet then you may want to consider a different diet to the Zone diet, one that teaches you to exercising.

One very positive point about the Zone diet is that there are a lot of support services on offer; there are a lot of independently run websites that help you with meal plans for the diets, and allow for forums for you to discuss with other people following the diet plan.

All the diet packages can be ordered from the Zone diet’s main website where there are different packages for men and women, and further subdivided depending on whether you want to lose weight fast or over a longer period and there is also the option for a custom program where you can choose how many units of food you’d like delivered each week depending on your weight loss goals.

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