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How Efficient the Sauna Belt Truly Is?

woman wearing modern sauna belt

Woman preparing to use modern sauna belt.

The Sauna Belt is a very popular piece of technology to help people lose weight. It claims that it is able to reduce body fat, as well as flab in all the problem areas (mainly the hips, abdomen and waist). The belt has sold in the millions and it seems that the Indian market in particular truly believes that it works.

There are many companies that sell these types of belts, each labelling them as “sauna”. There are also various infomercials and telesales agencies that promote the belt as the best thing since sliced bread. The cost of the belt is quite reasonable, ranging from around £10 to around £60.
The claims they make are pretty significant. If the belt is used properly, they say, it will take just a few months for the hips, abdomen, buttocks and thighs to become slim. Manufacturers state confidently that it will take just a few weeks to lose between four and six inches and that the first session should show a loss of between half to a full inch.

This product is the latest in a long range of slimming belts. The very first slim belts that were developed delivered electric shocks to our abdomen to stimulate muscle movement. These were quickly dismissed, particularly after numerous people reported significant problems, including burns.

How Does the Sauna Belt Work?
The weight loss belts work by using electricity. Some are power to the mains, but most use batteries. It is a light weight belt that can be folded away, which you wear around the area that you are trying to target, mainly the abdomen, the buttocks or the thighs. The system is actually very simple: the device is turned on, which makes the material heat up by converting the electricity from the batteries into heat energy. This works in the same way as any standard iron. This heat supposedly then burns the fat tissue that is in contact with the belt. As the fat starts to warm up, our bodies start to sweat, which should occur after about 15 minutes to half an hour of using it. This is also the length of time during which the belt should be worn. It must be used before eating, when the stomach is completely empty. The belt should never be placed around the chest, even if you want to reduce fatty tissue around your breasts. This is true for both men and women.

Does the Sauna Belt Really Work?
It is very hard to determine whether or not the belt really works and whether there is actually any sauna belt efficiency. Some people have indeed seen a very significant reduction in the size of the area they have targeted, but others haven’t noticed any sauna belt results at all. Besides this, the reality is that in order to reduce overall weight, people need more than just heat, in as such that they need exercise and a healthy diet as well. Women accumulate fat around their hips and thighs because they secrete the oestrogen hormone continuously, which is not remedied by heat alone. As such, scientists have as of yet been unable to prove that the belt is effective at all.

However, we know that a lot of the weight we carry is actually water, which we lose by warming it up. Not just that, when we heat up, we start to burn more calories. However, we do have to take care not to heat the belt up too much, as this could actually cause burns on the body.

What are the sauna belt benefits? Because they heat us up, our body works harder to regulate our temperature, which burns calories. Plus, as it makes us sweat, we rid ourselves of unwanted water weight. However, the sauna belt side effects can cause burns or red patches around the body, which is why it is so important to follow the sauna belt instructions very clearly.

All we can say is that the jury is out. Share your experience with the sauna belt in the comment section available below. Are you tempted to try it or you prefer the regular sauna?

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