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How Elimination Diet Can Enhance Your Life

woman picking food

Woman picking food for the Elimination Diet.

Ah the fad diet, it’s impossible to prove it works, yet it’s so easy to get hooked. Infomercials are famous for promoting juices, seasonings, pills, powders, and even body wraps to help lose that stubborn body fat. They claim that their product is the only way to do it without dieting, counting, exercising, or starving yourself. Why should the Elimination Diet be any different? Aside from the fact that our society feels better when women are fitting into size zero jeans and men are basically ripping through the seams of those tight t-shirts, but how will it enhance your life otherwise? Here is some of the basic information regarding the Elimination Diet and how it just might change your life.

The Elimination Diet involves removing a food from your diet for a period of two weeks to two months. The purpose is to see if eliminating these foods will have adverse effects on the body. Many people who believe they have a food allergy will commonly explore this diet to confirm their suspicions. This diet is not a matter of science, but more of a trial and error process. According to the Elimination Diet experts, those who would benefit from this diet are those who have chronic migraines, GERD, hair loss, autoimmune disease, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic pain, anemia, and osteoporosis.

To follow an elimination diet, you need to eliminate all foods that could be causing your body problems, such as gluten-containing grains, dairy or other lactose products, nightshade vegetables, legumes, soy, sugar and some fruits and vegetables. An easy way to think about it is eliminating the most common foods humans can be allergic to. Foods like gluten and sugar are a big part of processed foods, which can help reboot your body and help it recognize health issues. On the other hand, depriving the body of such foods can have adverse effects.

The side effects of the elimination diet can increase your chances of developing nutritional deficiencies. Like many vegans have a problem maintaining the correct level of nutrients in their body, those who practice elimination could be depriving their body of the basics.

If you choose to follow an elimination diet, make sure it is designed by a health care professional who can ensure that you are meeting all of your basic nutritional requirements. You can also ask for a multivitamin or mineral supplement to take while participating in an elimination diet in order to prevent deficiencies or complications.

You have to be aware that in most cases this diet will not help you lose weight by the fact that you eliminate one food or the other. What it will do is help your body to function better, provide you an increased lust of life and thus by making you more active and energetic you will be able to practice more sports, burn more calories and get in better physical shape. Take a shot at it and convince yourself!

This post was written for WeightLossBucket.com by Anne Hermann MD, P.A.. Anne is the owner and a valued staff member at http://tampaacupuncture.org/, a Tampa acupuncture and weight loss clinic.

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