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How Helpful Are Weight Loss Support Groups?

weight loss  support group

A weight loss support group.

Losing weight is a difficult journey for most of us. However, there are many options out there to give people support. There are weight loss support groups that are just there to give you mental support, but also groups such as WeightWatchers and SlimmingWorld that actually guide your through the process of losing weight with dietary plans. There are also online support groups focusing specifically on weight loss, and there are social media websites that offer guidance and support. But which one should you choose and how beneficial are they?

Physical Weight Loss Support Groups
With physical weight loss support groups, it is important to differentiate between the groups that are just there to talk with you, and groups such as SlimmingWorld and WeightWatchers, where you are placed on a diet through the group. These groups are usually quite expensive, but they do offer you a lot of return in terms of helping you lose weight. If, however, you are only interested in talking with others, a non-registered group may be better. Here, people can talk together and give each other helpful hints and tips on what does and doesn’t work. These people are also there to support you if you have had a bad week. The downside of these groups is that support is not available around the clock. Usually, they only run once a week at the most. If you have a really bad day and you need support, these groups may not benefit you at all.

Online Support Groups
With online weight loss support groups, the situation is a little bit different. You don’t have any face to face contact with people on these groups or forums, but rather post new threads and comment on existing threads. This is incredibly beneficial for a lot of people because they have around the clock support available. Also, these groups are usually free to join. The downside, however, is that you are not guaranteed to be supported by any kind of expert and the information you receive is subjective at best. In fact, you may not even know whether people on the group have any sort of interest in weight loss or whether they are simply on the forum to spread rumors.

Social Networking Support Groups
Last but not least, with social networking becoming such an important part of our lives, there are social networking weight loss support groups. These generally run on Facebook and can also be very beneficial for people. Many people find Facebook “realer” than online forums, because you can find out a lot more about the people who you are speaking to. Furthermore, joining a Facebook online weight loss support group is always free. The downside, however, is that just as with the forum groups, you don’t know whether you are actually speaking to an expert. Furthermore, there are a lot of spammers on Facebook who may try to make you feel bad. Last but not least, the groups are often publicly visible, which means that anybody can get to know things you discuss.

So which one should you choose? Essentially, most would agree that all of the options are great options. There is nothing stopping you from going to a WeightWatchers meeting as well as joining a Facebook group, for instance. It is about finding out what works for you and what makes you feel the best. There are many weigh loss support group benefits, regardless of which type you go for.

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