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How to Build Your Own Weight Loss Plan

weight loss plan

Build your weight loss plan

If you’re serious about losing weight, building a weight loss plan is the best thing you can possibly do; it helps to set out your goals, targets to meet along the way, how you are going to achieve your weight and how long you plan for it to take. In order to establish a quick but yet efficient weight loss plan you need to divide your weight loss in categories. This means that you need to plan your diet, your fitness routine and reorganize your entire lifestyle.

In order to build your own weight loss plan you also need to evaluate your situation and decide how much weight you need to lose. If you need to drop a substantial amount, divide it in several smaller weight loss phases. Continue reading and learn how to build your weight loss plan.

Deciding on Your Goals
When writing out your personalised weight loss plan you need to have a good long think about what you want to achieve from it. You should choose yourself a weight or figure that you are happy with and over a timescale that is achievable for you. The most important point to make about the goals in your personalised weight loss plan is that they should always be realistic; don’t expect too much from yourself!

Setting Targets
You should also set small goals, or targets, in your weight loss plan to be met at certain times. For example, you may have a target to lose a pound two weeks into your weight loss plan, but your overall goal is to lose two stone. These should again be realistic and are there so you have small, achievable goals to accomplish over short periods of time.

You should think long and hard about how you’re going to change your eating habits and how much you’re going to change them when establishing your healthy weight loss plan. You should write down exactly what you plan to do and, if appropriate, which diet you’re planning to follow. You should also consider how much of your weight loss is going to be accomplished by a change in your eating habits, and how much is to be changed by fitness. There has to be a balance between them

In your weight loss plan you should also include a fitness section where you detail exactly what sort of fitness regime you’re going to follow, including how much time you’re going to exercise per day or per week, when you’re going to do it, and what sort of exercise you’re going to do. It may be a good idea to even put a little fitness target in this section.

Once you’ve got all these things clear and planned out, you should type it all up on a computer, create a spreadsheet and perhaps transform it into a little booklet. You should then keep your personalized weight loss plan somewhere you’ll see it every day to make sure you’re following what you set out to do. You should review how you’re performing each day, and tick off any targets you’ve met on a regular basis to encourage you to carry on. Good luck!

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