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How to get Rid of Arm Fat

Arm fat loss

Arm Fat Loss

It’s winter now so you can hide your arms and any arm fat you have, good stuff. But, come summer, you’ll want to get those arms on display so now is the best time to get rid of arm fat for good. Here we’ll look at how to lose arm fat using various exercises so we can get your arms in good shape for summer.
Firstly, men and women are affected differently by arm fat problems. Hormones in women’s bodies make them more prone to build up fatty reserves on their arms, whilst the hormones in men deposit the fat elsewhere (bellys). As with all specific fat loss, any general weight loss you can do will help as fat can move around your body. Try and improve your cardio by doing exercises that improve your heart rate, such as running or spending time on the rowing machine. General dieting will also help, so any diet that aims to lose weight on your body generally will also help you with your arm fat weight loss.

If you just want to stick to arms only exercises then a good free exercise to do is push-ups to get rid of arm fat. Most people know how to do the standard push-up; simply lie on the floor with your hands pressed down by your shoulders and push upwards. Some women do find this difficult so it is also acceptable to cross your legs and do the push-ups on your knees to make them easier whilst retaining the arm fat weight loss.

Buying a pair of dumbbells will also help you get rid of arm fat. These can be picked up from high street stores and at varying weights; you should choose a weight that’s appropriate to your strength. If you don’t know what your strength is you can try picking up items around your house and using them as dumbbells and seeing how much you can handle – weigh the items to work out which dumbbells you should be buying. Once you have your weight set, the best way to lose arm fat is by doing lots of repetitions with them on a low weight. You should be able to lots of sets of 15-25 each time without tiring too much. This will tone your fat into muscle. Doing just a few repetitions on huge weights that you struggle to lift will mainly give you big muscles rather than focus on reducing arm fat – a look that most women won’t want to achieve.

As a conclusion, in order to shape your flabby arms you need to have two different approaches. First you need the above mentioned cardio training for general body weight loss. Secondly, in order to boost your results, you need to tone your arms with targeted fitness exercises. By performing cardio and specific arm workouts, you will encourage your body to burn a higher percentage of fat from your arms. Arm workouts for fat loss and muscle toning include: triceps, biceps and forearm exercises. As mentioned above, always use lower weights and a high number of repetitions, in order to encourage fat loss and muscle toning. Good luck!

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