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How to Lose Belly Fat – Free Abs Workout

woman belly fat
Why is it that all the celebrities that we see on television or in the magazines seem to have perfect bodies? We all wish that we could have that perfectly flat stomach and they seem to make it look so easy to lose belly fat in a very short space of time, yet whenever we try we never see anything like the results that they have. This can be incredibly off putting and demoralising but we must remember that we simply do not have the time or the money to be able to lose belly fat really quickly.

Essentially, our body needs to store a certain level of fat. Like hair, belly fat is a natural insulator but it is also a store of energy. The reason we lose fat when we exercise is that the body has an energy deficiency that needs to be replenished in some form, so if we are not going to put extra energy into our bodies through eating, energy will be taken from our reserves of fat.

The main area that fat is stored in is in the belly area; its close proximity to the stomach (the area of the body that uses up the most energy) means that there is less energy loss through transfer. Unfortunately, though it is a necessity, belly fat isn’t particularly aesthetically pleasing and can often lead us to feel self conscious; something that is not helped when we see numerous images plastered everywhere of people looking, to our eyes, perfect. We want to have enough belly fat to be healthy but not so much that we feel as though we are different.

The question we need answered is, therefore, how to lose belly fat quickly and efficiently without the need to spend lots of money in the process?
The muscles that we want to tone are called the abdominal muscles; shortened to abs, and by strengthening these it burns off our fat whilst giving us the flat stomach that we are after.

Free Abs Workout
1. Lose belly fat with stomach crunches
This free abs workout should be performed according to the following presentation:
stomach crunch 1 - free abs workout Stomach crunch – Initial Position

Although sit ups have often been seen as the best free abs workout, they are potentially harmful for your lower back and are no longer advisable. Instead, try stomach crunches.
Place your feet against a wall so that your knees are at a 90° angle.

stomach crunch 2 - free abs workoutThen, raise your shoulders off the ground as far as they will go and hold for 2 seconds. Then lower back down remaining in full control of your movement.

Stomach crunch – Lifting Position

3 sets of 20 reps of this exercise every day will give you the stomach you want in no time.

2. David Fairlamb’s stomach crunches
One more free ab workout for you is presented by David Fairlamb. Watch the video with attention and you”ll be ready to melt the unwanted belly fat:

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  • John Spencer February 25, 2011, 12:42 pm

    Interesting watching the video, he just does a very small movement. I guess that targets the abs better, I will have to start performing my crunches like that.

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