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How to Lose Face Fat

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Face Fat Loss

The face is the first thing that someone sees when they look at you; you can cover up the rest of your body with all sorts of stylish garments that hide any part of you that you’re not particularly keen on but this isn’t quite as simple with the face. Therefore many people try and reduce their cheek and neck fat in order to have a slimmer face and increase their confidence or the first impression they give when meeting new people.

Before we get started on the specific tips on how to lose face fat, there is a very good point worth making about fat loss in general; if you are looking to lose fat on any part of the body then exercising everything will help you. You rarely see people with just one particularly fat part of their body; most people are generally in proportion and so if you decide to go running every day and follow a new diet or something, you will lose face fat. That being said, there are some specific points worth covering below.

Sometimes face fat is simply the puppy fat from your youth and therefore you don’t need to worry about losing it at all; it will go over time so there’s no point working hard to try and lose it at this stage. This particularly applies to people in their teens and twenties. A way of cheating towards face fat weight loss is by using certain makeup techniques (mainly for women) you can experiment with different makeup styles and techniques until you find one that makes you look younger. Now let’s check some more face fat loss tips!

Firming up your cheeks is a good face fat loss tip and this can be done by using the muscles in your cheeks – that’s right; smiling is a form of face fat loss! Simply keep your lips closed, smile, and hold the smile for a few seconds, relax and repeat. Now you really don’t have an excuse not to smile!

Eat healthy – Include fresh fruits, raw foods and nuts in your diet. All their nutrients will keep you healthy, energized and ready to live a balanced life.

Exercise – Fitness work outs cause sweat. This aids with your body detoxification. More, exercising, promotes circulation and your face will get a nice flush of colour. Don’t skip this great facial fat loss tip!

Stop smocking – This is another important face fat loss tip. Smocking empties your body’s Vitamin C resources. This vitamin helps your body to manufacture collagen and elastin. Without collagen your face will end up looking fat and sagging. Smocking also is encouraging wrinkle formation and skin color deterioration.

Quit alcohol – Everyone must have noticed that alcohol excess combined with a poor rest, leads to a bulky face. Drinking keeps the liver occupied with detoxification and fat can’t be metabolized at a normal rate. Mind this tip and you will prevent face fat from occurring.

Avoid water retention – A puffy faces is often caused by water retention problems. Check these tips and learn how to avoid and cure water retention!

Believe it or not fitness devices which aid face fat loss, have been invented! They are using the principle of Electric Muscle Stimulation and their goal is to tone your facial muscles. This technology has been largely implemented for training abs or thighs. EMS technology sends electrical pulses, emitted by an EMS device, which contract and relax the muscles. This routine simulates a workout. The stimulated muscles will increase in strength, tone and elasticity.

Certain medical practices can also be used to reduce face fat, the two most prominent ones being ultrasound and liposuction (if you exclude full-blown cosmetic surgery). Ultrasound waves are fired into your cheeks and they send an energy to liquefy the fat in your cheeks, thus producing a slimmer looking face. There is some controversy over the extent to which is works but it’s definitely something worth looking into. Liposuction is also an option, but cosmetic surgery methods should only be considered if you’re really serious about losing face fat – you should always talk over these decisions with a qualified physician.

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