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How to Lose Weight Over the Holidays

Don't wait for the new year to get into shape

Joel Harper, a successful weight loss trainer, shares a few simple tricks about how to lose weight over the holidays. He has recently launched a no equipment needed DVD called ‘Fit Pack’, which includes tips and exercises to keep you fit and healthy during the winter holidays. Mr. Harper provided a demonstration of his fitness routine during an ABCnews.com interview. He together with moderator, Tanya Rivero, performed a series of fitness exercises which keep your waistline under control. Check them out in the above embedded video!

According to Mr. Harper people lose their fitness over the holidays, because of the work deadlines, numerous parties and all the shopping needed. All this kills your time and you end up skipping your workout sessions. However, you don’t need to skip them anymore. Try Joel’s full body workouts. They are 20 minute long fitness routines which don’t require any equipment! You can perform all exercises, barefoot in your living-room. The routine combines exercises with a stretches and satisfy any fitness level. Watch the above embedded video and you’ll have a nice demo of Joel Harper’s no equipment fitness weight loss routine. There are some excellent exercises which help you stay fit this winter.

The weight loss trainer also mentions a few simple tips that will help you keep your diet under control. There is a lot of food during the holidays and the risk of overeating is huge. To keep the sweets under control, Mr. Harper recommends the fruit basket. Go for fruits, after you finish your meal. They provide sugar and will still your lust for desert. If you drink wine, always drink a glass to avoid drinking two back-to-back glasses of wine. It will aid your digestion and prevent that you exaggerate with alcohol.

Watch the exercises and embed them in your holiday fitness routine, if you like them, of course. Allow yourself 20 minutes per day and stay fit during the winter holidays! Take care of your diet and don’t over-party!

Here is Todd Durkin and his tips for the holiday weight loss workout. Mr. Durkin is a famous Superbowl trainer and he pledges a 10 minute total body workout. Check his interview, presented by FoxNews.com, in the below embedded video.
Todd Durkin, the author of ‘The Impact Body Plan’, suggests that losing discipline is the main factor for gaining weight during the winter holidays. People end up distracted by all the parties and the winter holiday fuss. His holiday slim-down version implies a 10 minute total body workout. Todd recommends that the exercises are performed in the morning, to wake our body up and get the energy flowing for the rest of the day.

20 Minute No Equipment Holiday Weight Loss Routine

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  • Raj Sharee December 7, 2010, 4:00 pm

    Thanks, Its very effective.

  • Mavis December 18, 2010, 6:51 pm

    Hi there,

    Great tips you are sharing here. It can indeed be difficult to focus on losing weight over the holidays. It does take some self-discipline and determination.

    Thanks for sharing.

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