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How to Maintain Your Diet When Eating Out

eating out
We’ve all been there; you’ve done all the hard work throughout the week and have lost those pesky pounds when you’re invited to a meal with friends. Suddenly, all that hard work goes up in smoke. Or does it? There are ways in which a diet can be maintained whilst eating out.

Why not try eating some food beforehand? As simple as it sounds, this is a very effective technique. Eating something filling and nutritious like a bowl of soup before going out will fill you up, at least a little bit (don’t eat so much that you can’t eat anything at the restaurant!). This way, you’ll be physically restraining yourself from eating too much of the food that will wreck your diet. You’ll feel full after eating and you will be less inclined to choose one of those ever-tempting puddings.

One other simple technique (that nutritionists such as Paul McKenna have encouraged) is to stop eating when you’re full. We as a nation seem transfixed on the idea of clearing our plates before we can move on. But this can often mean that we are ignoring our body’s natural impulse to stop eating, but we carry on! Being overfull is not good for the body’s metabolism and means that we break down the food much slower – the net result being that the food languishes in our stomachs doing little good. If you stop eating when you’re full, you remove this problem and prevent excess food being put into the body.

The main problem with restaurants is that we don’t know fully how our food is being cooked. Bacon, for example, if fried in oil is much less healthy than if it was grilled. One way to get round this is to ask the waiter how it is prepared and, if possible, request that it is cooked in a slightly different way (for example, cook using oil instead of fat). You could always opt for a salad, but knowing what restaurants are like, it’s likely to be dripping with an assortment of dressings that turn this healthy snack into a calorie time bomb! The solution is simple; just ask for it without the dressing. Likewise, whenever you are given something unhealthy as a side order (chips, for example) either leave them, or ask for them to be replaced with a healthier option. At the end of the day, a restaurant wants your custom so is not going to refuse!

It’s difficult, but if you follow the aforementioned steps then you’ll find that you are able to maintain your weight effectively.

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