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How to Perform Self Hypnosis for Weight Loss

hypnosis for weight loss
Very few people think to use hypnosis for weight loss. For the majority it sounds a little bit too complicated or the sort of thing that magicians do; a cheap trick. However, hypnosis and weight loss are more linked than may be expected and whilst hypnosis for weight loss may not be the first thing that springs to mind for someone looking to lose weight, it certainly shouldn’t be ruled out.

There is no need to visit a professional meditation clinic; self hypnosis weight loss techniques can be easily found and practiced in the secure environment of your own home; after all, hypnosis and weight loss both require you to feel secure with yourself and your environment; where better to practice hypnosis for weight loss than at home!

Essentially, weight loss by hypnosis works best if you give yourself an hour or so alone to fully immerse yourself in the activity. The method works by channelling away all your negative energies that prevent you from feeling good about yourself. When you feel bad about yourself then you are less able to lose weight in an effective manner. A low body image has been conclusively linked to things such as comfort eating and is certainly a negative factor in terms of your weight. Through meditation we can establish a new and positive self image that gives us more confidence in ourselves. This confidence allows us to put all our efforts into losing weight which is incredibly important in ensuring a sustained process of weight loss is maintained.

The process of meditation first relaxes our body fully. Through a mixture of breathing and visualising ensuring that every action is completely controlled all our muscles and our mind is taken into a state of complete comfort. From this point we then implant in our minds an image of how we would like to be, ensuring that this is realistic. By implanting this image into our minds we have something to aim for. It also acts as in combat against the preconceptions forced upon us by airbrushed celebrities. Instead of aspiring to be an impossible size our goal is realistic and prevents us from giving up if things go wrong.

Whilst it is all too easy to sneer at the idea of using hypnosis for weight loss it is actually a very effective method for creating a positive self image and boosting your self esteem; this is invaluable when you are trying to lose weight and are likely to be in a low state of mind.

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