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How To Stay Fit in Your 30s

Man staying fit in his 30s

Man Staying Fit in His 30s

When you hit 30 things start changing; it’s much easier to put on weight and your muscle mass starts decreasing. Your metabolism will also slow by up to 5% each decade. This means you can choose to take one of two paths – you can keep working out and follow the specific tips below that are for those of you in your 30s, or you can let yourself go and watch the weight pile on and on.

Well done, you’re still reading – we’ll assume you chose the first path and decided to keep on working out and stay fit! In your 30s you’re probably going to have extra responsibilities than you had when you were younger, especially from a family life you may have now, or increased pressures in your job. However, it’s still important to prioritise your fitness.

Whilst it’s hard to lose weight when you’re 30, it’s even harder when you’re 40 so make a promise to yourself that on your 40th birthday (I know it sounds scary!) you will be at a healthy weight. This way you have a real, measurable goal to hit. Next we’ll look at how you can get there.

Diet in Your 30s
At age 30, you should be looking to follow the same healthy eating tips that have always, and will always, apply. These include things such as ensuring you get the right balance of food types on your plate, getting the right number of calories, eating fresh foods, and following any diet plans that you have chosen. We have plenty of tips on WLT to inform you about healthy weight loss diets.

However, at age 30 your main focus should still be on exercise since you’re still young enough to do any sort of exercise you want to and stay fit.

Exercise in Your 30s
You might think that you don’t have time to exercise, when in fact exercising can create time. How does this work? Exercising makes your body work better and you’ll feel less tired when you’re trying to do your work. This will result in you being more efficient at your tasks and complete them faster. So you’ll get the same done in a week, but you’ll have exercised on top of all this – you’ve created time!

If after reading that you still don’t feel like you have enough time to look after yourself then it’s time to drop something in your life. Find a few hours to sit down quietly with a pen and paper and think critically about your life. If you’ve got too much going on then get rid of the thing that is least important to you, or that you get the least satisfaction out of. Trust us; you’ll get much more out of spending that time exercising.

In your 30s you’re at a perfect age to rediscover some of the exercise routines you used to enjoy when you were younger. Think back to your teenage years and see what sports you enjoyed. Taking these back up can give you a new lease of life – there are plenty of groups for people in their 30s and you will meet like-minded people with similar goals to you.

If you weren’t really into any sports then it’s perfectly okay (in fact, we encourage it) to try something new. Anything you can do to increase your cardio and get you breathing faster than normal is a plus. Just because you’re getting a bit older doesn’t mean you have to resort to aerobics classes – get out there and find out what there is to do.

At this age you should be aiming to do between 30 minutes and 1 hour of cardio most days. A good way to fit this into your schedule is to do it every other day, with one day off at the end of the week.

In summary, ages 30-39 should all be about getting some good, solid exercise in to prepare your heart for the future. You shouldn’t neglect healthy eating for exercise though – you should maintain this also. We hope that this article is a good information and you learned the basic steps of how to keep or get fit in your 30s. Good luck and try to be fit and slim at any age!

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