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Increase Your Muscle Tissue – Muscles Burn Calories

woman increasing muscle tissue
People have very warped images of muscles. One of the problems that many people face when they are intending to build their muscles is that they see the body builders on TV and immediately set their target at that level. What they don’t realise is that it is incredibly difficult to get to that standard and, make no bones about it, building muscles is hard. You have to push the muscles that you already have past their original limit and strain them in order to strengthen them. It does hurt and this is where the problem – after the pain, if people don’t see immediate effects then they decide to give up – which is the worst thing that you can do as it results in you gaining weight as the muscle is converted into fat.

Building muscle has the obvious benefit of allowing you to lose weight because muscles burn calories. As you exercise you are working your body hard and the act of moving around at an intense level results in your creation of muscle burning off calories and, as you do that, you burn off fat and lose weight. It isn’t easy because you wear your body out; essentially you are using up more energy than you are taking in and it is bound to hurt at some point. But the phrase is no pain, no gain and if you grit your teeth then the benefits are there to be seen.

It is important not to work out every day. When you build muscles you create small tears in the muscle which are then repaired with more muscle; you increase muscle tissue. If you do too much then these tears get too big and you strain the muscle which can set you back months. The best way to do it is to spend 20 or 30 minutes doing a variety of reps which build different muscles and repeating each rep around 20 times. These reps must be controlled; there is no point in rushing because it will not benefit you and will only increase the risk of injury. Don’t work out every day but instead try to have 2 or 3 days off dotted throughout the week to ensure you only work out a maximum of 2 days in a row. This will decrease the risk of injury and burn calories resulting in you losing weight and increase muscle tissue. The effects will not be immediate but it’s well worth the wait.

Do you also know that muscles burn calories even during your sleep? Having more muscle tissue means that you burn more calories not only during the day, but also during your sleep. Researches show that 1 pound of muscle tissue burns on average about 50 calories during one day and one night, while the same amount of fat burns only about 9 calories during 24 hours. Do not waste anymore time and increase your muscle tissue! :)

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