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Is Avocado Good for Weight Loss?

avocado dish for weight loss

Avocado dish for weight loss.

A lot of people don’t realize that avocado is actually really good for weight loss. If you have ever eaten an avocado, you will know it is quite creamy and fatty, and it is for this reason that people don’t actually put a link between avocados and weight loss. However, it now appears that out of all the vegetables, avocado may just be one of the best ones in terms of weight loss.

Why Avocado Is so Special
First of all, yes avocado contains a lot of fat, but it is all monounsaturated fat. This means that it helps to maintain the right blood lipid profile, which is what an avocado diet works on. Furthermore, avocado is highly beneficial in terms of keeping the body’s insulin levels on target. Put these two together, and you have a super vegetable that aids in losing weight and managing weight.

Avocado for Weight Loss
The simple fact is that avocado may be full of fat, but it is full of the good types of fat. Good fat’s function is actually to stop you from getting fat, unlike the bad types of fat that will actually make you fat. Because the fat in avocado is monounsaturated, it is very beneficial for our bodies. Scientific research has demonstrated that diets with high levels of monounsaturated fat help our bodies regulate our blood sugar, which is key in terms of losing and maintaining weight.

But there is more to it as well. Avocado helps to control your blood sugar, your metabolism and your weight because of the carbohydrate it contains, which is mannoheptulose. This is a type of sugar (another one of those big diet no-no words!) and avocado is actually one of the only foods that contain this. Mannoheptulose helps our bodies lower the amount of insulin we secrete. This means it is highly beneficial in terms of controlling insulin resistance, one of the biggest problems in modern society today.

Insulin Resistance
One of the biggest reasons why the obesity epidemic is so big is because people are becoming insulin resistant. Essentially, when your arteries no longer accept the functions of the insulin hormone, you become resistant. Insulin is necessary because it takes sugar from your blood and puts this into your cells. This can then be used as energy.

If you become insulin resistant, your body will start to store the blood sugar as fat. Those who are insulin resistant have too much insulin in their bodies, which often turns to type 2 diabetes. Once you get to the point of being insulin resistant, you will find that weight starts to pile on, and shifting it again becomes almost impossible.

What avocado does is reverse the process of insulin resistance. This is thanks to the mannoheptulose and the high content of monounsaturated fat in its flesh. Remember that fat has twice as much energy than carbs and proteins. So, what matters is that you eat a smaller portion to achieve avocado weight loss. You should only eat a quarter to half an avocado each time and you will start to notice the difference very quickly. Do, however, remember that avocado is a hidden ingredient in many dips, particularly guacamole. Eat too much avocado, and your body won’t be able to use all the energy you give it. It also means you should not eat avocado at night, when you are just about to go to sleep.

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