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Is Dihydrocapsiate Efficient in Weight Loss?

dihydrocapsiate weight loss

Dihydrocapsiate and Weight Loss

Are an extra 75 calories burned per day enough for you? If your answer is yes, you can consider dihydrocapsiate an efficient weight loss solution!

What is Dihydrocapsiate?
Dihydrocapsiate is a chemical found in chili peppers. It’s one of the chemicals that provides the heat of the chili peppers. It’s main feature is that it can step up a gear in your metabolism and you end up burning more calories. Dihydrocapsiate is related with capsaicin, another similar chemical, provided by the red pepper. It also offers weight loss properties. However, capsacin it’s to hot and it’s not recommended as a dietary supplement.

Is Dihydrocapsiate Efficient in Weight Loss?
According to a newsflash (Reuters Health), released a few hours ago, supplements using dihydrocapsiate provide an extra amount of 50 calories burned per day, if one pill is consumed, and up to 75 calories per day if the dosage is increased.
Dr. Soren Snitker, professor at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, and together with the other people working at this research have tested a particular pepper supplement, provided by Japanese supplement provider Ajinomoto.

How much weight loss do I get from burning an extra 75 calories per day?
The efficiency rating of this pepper supplement depends, obviously, on the one that’s rating it. However for all of us a pound contains 3500 calories. If you divide that by 75, using dihydrocapsiate supplements, will help you lose 1 pound in almost 47 days. If you consider that 1 pound extra weight loss in 1 and a half months is reasonable you can call pepper supplement weight loss efficient. Else you can consider yourself disappointed by Dr. Soren Snitker’s study results.

You might already know that here at WeightLossBucket.com, we do not encourage our readers to lose weight with the help of supplements. You can burn those 75 calories, in 10 minutes of aerobics, or within 15 minutes of cycling weight loss. However, if you feel that you need a greater weight loss boost and are pleased by the efficiency of the above described supplement you can go ahead and try. I can only wish you good luck!

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