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Is Hoodia Weight Loss Gum Efficient?

weight loss gum

Woman chewing weight loss gum

Hoodia has been a relatively popular weight loss plant (belonging to the cactus family) for some amount of time now, however it is only in fairly recent years that it has been converted into many different forms to be administered into your body to aid weight loss. One of the more popular forms is in a gum. All you do with the hoodia weight loss gum is pop it in your mouth, chew it like regular gum, and it releases natural molecules in your body to tell you that you’re full, i.e. it’s a hunger suppressant. It can even take away your appetite for as long as 6 hours at a time.

The gum is definitely an efficient way to consume Hoodia as it can simply replace the gum you chew regularly such as minty ones; this way you don’t feel like you’re losing weight when you actually are! If you’re worried about how natural the Hoodia weight loss gum is, because the Hoodia gum uses natural molecules it is a very natural way to lose weight. The gum itself only contains similar ingredients to any other gums you chew too.

If you aren’t particularly attracted to Hoodia weight loss gum, it is perfectly acceptable to chew regular gum to achieve weight loss. Chewing gum when you’re hungry makes you feel like you’re eating, even when you’re not strictly doing so and gives your brain a message to reduce your appetite.

However, this tip has got to be used in moderation especially concerning chewing sugar free gum (which is what most people chew when they are chewing gum for weight loss). A recent report in a medical journal suggested that chewing too much gum can lead to severe weight loss and diarrhoea, so keep the sticks of gum down to a safe level and if you notice stomach pains you should stop and consult a professional physician.

Weight loss gum provides even more potential for losing weight. Another study, published in the book ‘Nutrition for Serious Athletes’, shows that the jaw movements used during the process of chewing gum, burn an extra of 11 calories per hour. Considering that a pound has 3500 calories, you would need to chew natural gum for 318 hours, in order to lose a pound. However, you can improve that by chewing weight loss gum and benefiting from its appetite suppressing properties.

Don’t abuse chewing! It might help you lose weight but it can also damage your teeth if you overdo it!

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