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Is Swimming Good for Weight Loss?

swimming for weight loss
Swimming and weight loss have often been linked for many reasons, yet the question still remains; is the idea of swimming for weight loss verified or is it simply an old wives tale? The answer is very straightforward; swimming weight loss is one of the easiest things to achieve and can also be one of the most fulfilling.

Swimming weight loss is achieved because, whilst you are swimming, you are exercising many muscles in your body. Your arms are moving and strengthening but, on top of that, your shoulders are gaining good rotation and your pectoral (chest) and back muscles are being worked. In the lower half of your body, the movement of your legs also improves the mobility of your hips and will help to tone your stomach muscles. Swimming for weight loss is so easy because it provides you with an all over body workout. You can also play games such as water polo. This is played in deeper water and, as a result, you have to be able to keep afloat. This is very good for toning your stomach muscles and losing all the excess fat from the area.

Swimming and weight loss are also linked because of the accessibility of the swimming pools. By accessing a swimming pool every few days, swimming weight loss can be achieved within weeks. You burn calories all the time that you are in the pool; whether you are swimming lengths or just floating in the water.

One of the reasons why you can do swimming for weight loss so successfully is that it is incredibly straightforward to add progression into your regime. This is where it becomes a lot easier than jogging; you can calculate the distance you swim with simple maths. Most swimming pools are 25m long, with a few being 50m long. Each length that you complete is, therefore, a multiple of this. You can add progression into your weight loss regime by increasing the number of lengths that you complete at any one time. It is best to start at an achievable level until you get yourself into the habit of going swimming regularly; not over exerting yourself can aid your enjoyment of swimming. Once you’ve got into a routine, gradually increase the number of lengths you do, by 5 or 10 (depending on how you are finding it). It is good to spend a week doing one quantity of lengths, then increase if you feel able. The trick is not to give up; if you want to achieve swimming weight loss then you have to keep yourself going.

Another great tip for your swimming weight loss routine is to buy yourself a waterproof watch. Besides measuring the lengths of your swimming exercise you can also clock your performance and have yet another reason to compete against yourself or your friends. Each day try to swim more and more. Once you reach a decent distance you can improve yourself by swimming each time the same length but in a shorter timeframe.

Which swimming style should I chose in order to boost my weight loss potential?
The best swimming style suitable for long distance training is breaststroke. This style allows you to maintain your pulse steady and have a comfortable pace for the long run. The crawl provides the fastest swimming speed, however it tires you faster and is not recommended for cardio swimming.
Another swimming style which you can adopt is the backstroke. You can switch between breaststroke and backstroke in order to avoid monotony.

What equipment do I need for a weight loss swim?
For a swim you need the swimsuit, swim googles, a waterproof watch and a towel, of course.

Swimming for weight loss is one of the best things and overweighty can do! Good luck!

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