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Is Tennis a Potential Weight Loss Solution?

tennis and weight loss

Tennis and weight loss

Tennis is definitely a good solution for weight loss, as it means that you stay active. However, it is not necessarily any better than walking quickly every day, playing football or indeed any other intense sport. The trick to tennis comes when you consider it has an addictive side to it and a stigma attached to it, to help interest players. It is also a good way to make friends.

To start tennis weight loss, you’ll first need a racket; these can be picked up from all good sports shops for a reasonable amount, they certainly aren’t as expensive as they used to be and you don’t need an expensive professional racket to have some serious fun. Finding a court is easy too, simply contact your local tennis club and they will be able to rent a court out to you to play on, this doesn’t cost much either. You do need a coach to exercise the basic shots, but they can be taught within a month. Don’t try to learn alone. You will certainly end up hitting the ball incorrectly and this can lead to elbow and hand-wrist injuries over the long term.

Perhaps one of the most important features that links tennis and weight loss is the entourage. Almost every tennis club has different groups of people which hook up on a weekly basis to play tennis. These groups are brought together by a general goal. Some tennis players play for fun, others play to regain mobility, others play to become professionals, while some also meet regularly to lose weight with tennis. You can join such a group and tennis weight loss will become much more easier.

What’s the optimal playing court for tennis weight loss?
Finding the right court to aid your tennis weight loss strategy is a must too as different types of courts will have different effects on your body. The four common types of court are clay, hard, grass and carpet.
Clay courts are considered soft courts. It has a positive impact on the style of play and on the player’s body. When the ball hits the floor, on a clay court, it is slowed down, yet the bounce of the ball remains high. This helps to slow down play, lengthens the point, and enhances the cardiovascular activity. It also influences game speed. Slower running means softer torsion forces on your joints, when you change direction or sprint for a ball. Lower physical stress on your body means that your body won’t get worn out from playing and you can continue to lose weight until your old years. All this features make out of clay court the best tennis playing field when it comes to weight loss!
Grass courts are the most common tennis playgrounds in the UK. They are also a great solution for tennis weight loss. They are considered similar to hard courts from the speedy point of view. The ball rebounds fast and hard from this surface. But the texture of the grass makes will also avoid your body from wearing down to soon. Everyone can easily cope with at least 2 tennis session per week (on clay or grass court) at any age, without hurting his or hers joints.
Hard courts are generally made from asphalt. They will surly wear you out quicker. However, if you need to chose between a grass court and an asphalt curt, definitely go with the first one. It’s natural, and although the game speed is high, your joints won’t suffer as much as on a cement/asphalt tennis ground. Other than that carpet courts are usually founder inside and can be any sort of surface from hard to soft. Carpet courts are also not to recommended as they provide an increased risk of injury. From my point of view the order

Overall, you should be able to achieve weight loss through tennis but you should see tennis more of a fun activity used to keep you active and prevent weight gain rather than help you to lose lots of weight fast. If you are looking for serious weight loss, tennis will aid you best as part of a wider and more balanced weight loss solution.

Important tennis weight loss tip
A longer, less intense tennis session will help you tone your body better, burn more calories and build your stamina!

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  • Sasha August 10, 2011, 11:12 am

    I have recently gained more weight than I need and I lost my self confidence.been thinking of joining a tennis club,and this has definately motivated me

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