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It’s Time to Learn How to Meditate Properly

how to meditate
With today’s pace of life it is important that everyone finds time in their busy schedules to properly relax and a ten or fifteen minute meditation session is an excellent way to achieve this. This article will teach you how to meditate properly.

The first step to meditating properly is finding a quiet and peaceful spot in your environment – this might be your bedroom, but can easily be any room in your house, office, or workplace as long as it is somewhere that you are absolutely not going to be disturbed. If you have any equipment that might disturb you whilst meditating, such as mobile phones that might ring, make sure they are all turned off. Even something that is making a slight buzzing noise (such as a fridge/freezer) can put you off – the kitchen isn’t a good place to meditate.

Next, sit down with your pelvis tilted slightly forward – it is easy to do this if you are sitting on a thick cushion, such as a floor cushion. If you don’t have one of these, you can sit on a chair with the back legs lifted about 3 inches off the ground (raise them up with old books). When you are in position, straighten your back and try and line up your spine so that you don’t have to make a conscious effort to keep yourself upright – you will know when you have found the right posture.

Now, relax every part of your body. It is easiest to do this by relaxing one part of yourself, and then doing a mental search for the part of your body that isn’t relaxed and relax that. Keep repeating this step until you can’t find anywhere in your body that doesn’t feel relaxed. This includes everything from your thighs to the smallest muscles in your face. You have now met all the physical prerequisites for meditating properly and it is time to deal with the mind.

When meditating properly you have to clear the mind of any thoughts and essentially concentrate on nothing (which is harder than it sounds). Two ways to do this are to concentrate on a point in space and allow thoughts to pass through your subconscious (without you making any conscious thoughts about them) or simply blocking out everything in your mind. Sit like this for your desired length of time and you have now meditated properly. This length of time differs for everyone – some people will find 5 minutes more than adequate whilst others will need closer to 15 minutes and some even longer.

Meditation’s primary aim is to relax and distress, but it also helps you gain good posture and can even help you lose weight in the long run.

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