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Jennifer Hudson Weight Loss Tips

Jennifer Hudson Weight Watchers Weight Loss

Jennifer Hudson, Weight Watchers and Weight Loss

One celebrity that’s been in all the gossip magazines recently is Jennifer Hudson because of her remarkable weight loss achievements. For those of you who don’t know what she’s been up to, Jennifer has lost 5 dress sizes, starting at a size 16 and dropping all the way down to size 6 (in US sizing), that’s about 60 pounds.

So how did Jennifer Hudson lose weight? The answer is simple than most people think. She says that she followed the basic Weight Watchers programme and went to the gym 5 times a week; needless to say after such an impressive weight loss, Jennifer Hudson is now Weight Watchers’ spokesperson. She strongly believes that the programme that Weight Watchers offer isn’t a strict diet, but more a way of life; she claims that before her weight loss she couldn’t have an ice cream as it would make her put on weight, but now she feels good about having one occasionally. However, after Jennifer Hudson’s weight loss, she now claims she doesn’t actually want to lose any more weight; she’s found her dream size.

What sparked Jennifer Hudson’s weight loss? After giving birth to her son David in August 2009, she found it the opportune moment to drop some of those pounds she’d been carrying around with her. Hudson was always the big girl on American Idol (the show that really made her famous) and then she was the big girl in Dream Girls (for which she did put on weight for) but has said that how she felt about her weight varied from day to day.

In a new exposé on Jennifer Hudson weight loss, she talks about how some days she felt fine with her weight, yet on others any comment anyone made about her weight really got to her. She does state that she never showed that any of it actually got to her however. An insider close to Jennifer states that she thought that if she could lose weight she could compete with some of the biggest music stars out there such as Beyoncé but this is unconfirmed. She has also been cast as Nelson Mandela’s wife in a new movie which could have served as good motivation.

Jennifer Hudson Weight Loss Tips
Now let’s check some actual tips that helped Jennifer Hudson lose weight, besides the fact that she followed the Weight Watchers diet and exercised:
1. She gave up on fried foods.
2. Jennifer eats low fat.
3. Mrs. Hudson concentrates on protein, fiber and and carbohydrate servings.
4. She drinks cranberry juice.
5. Jennifer Hudson eats salads.
6. She introduced nuts in her diet including pistachio, walnuts, cashew and almonds.
7. Jennifer also eats grilled chicken.
8. She never quits exercising, even when traveling for concerts.
9. Hudson hired a personal trainer which sends her sometimes to 4am runs.

Now, take a look below to have a better look on of Jennifer Hudson’s weight loss. Check the before and after weight loss pictures and you should be impressed.

Jennifer Hudson weight loss

Jennifer Hudson Weight Loss

Jennifer Hudson provides one more important weight loss tip. She teaches you to lose weight until you feel comfortable with and admits that she won’t try to lose anymore weight:

“I don’t want to lose any more weight, and you’re never going to see me skinny.”

Watch Jennifer Hudson’s weight loss and admire her results in the below embedded video:

Whatever your weight loss goals, it’s important to find your motivation and set yourself targets for you weight loss. Whilst it’s good fun and interesting reading about how and why Jennifer Hudson lost weight, it’s important for you to find your own weight loss methods and motivation as this is what will drive you on to reaching your targets.

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