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Jumping Rope for Weight Loss

Woman jumping rope.

Woman jumping rope for weight loss.

Can you think of an exercise regime that will cost you almost no money, that is so small you can always take it with you, that is fun for the entire family and that tones your muscles as well as improving your cardiovascular fitness levels? This is what jumping rope can do for you, and you only need to do it for about a quarter of an hour a day.

Jumping Rope and Calorie Burning
When you jump rope calories are burned rapidly. In fact, 15 minutes of jumping rope is the equivalent of running for eight minutes at full speed. Naturally, the exact number of calories you will burn depends on the intensity of your workout, as well as your own fitness levels and your BMI and overall body. This is but one of the benefits of jumping rope. As you will see below, it is a great overall exercise program.

Jumping Rope Reviewed by Medical Professionals
A number of prominent medical professionals have studied the effects of jumping rope and they have concluded that it is an excellent workout for the heart. Furthermore, both the lower and upper body is strengthened and the calories that are burned in a short period of tine are unsurpassed. However, it is very important to make sure you are physically capable of taking part in jumping rope. Fit adults should easily be able to add this to their existing routine. However, people who have joint problems in their knees, hips or ankles should not take part in rope jumping. However, the activity is of lower impact than jogging, so often a good solution for people who otherwise struggle to engage in physical exercise. Clearly, when you jump rope weight loss is achieved quite rapidly, particularly in combination with a healthy diet. You must understand you cannot simply jump rope for weight loss, but that you must also think about the rest of your lifestyle.

Requirements for Jumping Rope
If you are only just starting with rope jumping, you should get a beaded rope. These will always hold their shape and they are easy to control. Vinyl or lightweight cloth ropes can get tangled up if you don’t really know what you are doing when you jump rope. You do need to make sure that the rope is the right length for your body. This is done by first holding the handles and stepping on the rope in the centre. Next, make sure the handles reach your armpits and no higher. You should also wear the right type of shoes, with cross training shoes being recommended. You can learn more about this if you look up crossfit jump rope.

Next, you need to think about the area where you want to use your rope. It has to be at least six foot long by four foot wide and you need a minimum of 10 inches between your head and the ceiling. You also need to consider the flooring surface you are using. Carpets, concrete, grass and asphalt should be avoided. Indeed, carpet will not hurt as much should you trip and fall over, but it can grab on to your shoes and twist your knees or ankles. The best floors are wood, so if you have carpets, you may want to get a piece of plywood, although an exercise impact mat can also be used.

How to Jump Rope
You need to alternate your exercise routine to not put undue stress on your joints. Hence, you should combine it with something of low intensity, such as marching. Try to start with around five minutes of jumping, slowly building that up to a maximum of ten minutes. Rather than minutes, you can also work on repetitions, starting with 50 and working your way up to 200.

Make sure you understand your target heart rate and wear a heart rate monitor so you can check up on this. Try to slow the passing of the rope down when you first start this exercise, so you can get used to it. You need to enjoy what you are doing and never endanger your overall health.

Staying Safe
You must always seek medical advice before you start jumping rope, to make sure your heart and fitness levels are appropriate for this sport. You must also jump the right way, trying not to jump too high, which is unnecessary and can cause injury. You should not have to jump more than one inch off the floor. Remember the tips on surfaces as well, to ensure your safety. When you jump rope, fitness levels will increase massively, but only if you are able to deal with that.

Rope Jumping Workouts
We have discussed getting the right rope and jumping on the right surface, as well as turning the rope slowly and not jumping too high. These are the basics of how to jump rope. However, if you want something more targeted, you could look into a specific jump rope workout. There are quite a number of jump rope exercises to choose from and you should find many of these online. Simply looking for rope jumping routines will reveal a host of results.

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