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Kate Middleton Picked the Dukan Diet

Kate Middleton and the dukan diet

Kate Middleton and the Dukan Diet

Kate Middleton has become a celebrity recently by becoming engaged to Prince William, and everything she does has become the centre of attention for the country’s media. In preparation for the royal wedding, she has followed the Dukan Diet to lose weight, along with her mum. This should help her fit into her amazing wedding dress! Unfortunately the diet doesn’t allow her to eat cake, hopefully she’ll have stopped following it by the big day!

We’ve published an article giving a brief outline of the Dukan Diet, but for those of you who need a refresher it is a 4-phase diet plan that sees you initially losing a lot of weight, and then teaching you to keep it off. In the initial stages you can only eat the foods they recommend, but when you’re looking to the long term to keep your lost weight off you simply eat a normal diet whilst following their 3 key steps.

It is rumoured that Kate Middleton’s mum, Carole, lost 4 pounds in 4 days following the diet. An impressive record if that’s the case! Kate has also been reducing her shape quite rapidly, as the paparazzi have been noticing, but the Palace refused to comment on her dieting arrangements citing it as a ‘hugely privately matter’.

Everything Kate seems to endorse at the moment takes off, and so we will probably see a huge rise in the Dukan diet, especially over the next 6 months. Whilst it is unclear why she picked it, it is said to be the most popular diet in Europe. She will undoubtly have had some top-notch advice from expert dieticians who recommended the diet. However, diet plans differ between individuals so it is important to choose yours carefully.

The Dukan Diet is said to be expensive, mainly because of the high meat content within the plan. This shouldn’t be a problem for Kate with a royal family bank balance supporting her, and being the daughter of a millionaire. Some people also claim that whilst it can make you drop weight very quickly, it is hard to keep up and very easy to put weight back on – this makes it a perfect wedding diet; get the weight off for the wedding day and then it doesn’t matter what happens from there!

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