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Keep Yourself Hydrated – Drink Water during Your Fitness Workout

hydration during fitness
Whether you are partaking in physical activity of some description or taxing your brain it is essential that you keep yourself hydrated in order to maximise your performance.

The brain needs fitness hydration, in the form of water, in order for the nerves to work sufficiently well for us to be able to efficiently achieve our goals. The nervous endings interact using salts which are soluble and rely on the process of osmosis to be transferred between the synapses. If there is a lack of water in the body, the concentration of these salts effectively increases resulting in slower responses; both mental and physical. Also, particularly with physical exercise, water is lost from the body through sweating. This water needs to be replaced quickly or we will dehydrate. As beings of 75% water constituency, if you do not keep yourself hydrated then you are endangering your health incredibly rapidly.

When working out, your fitness hydration is key to your success. As we start to exercise we begin to lose water. If this water is not replaced in a timely manner, then we will start to use water that is stored in our muscles, which will not only make us more tired, but also decrease the size and strength of our muscles. This is to be avoided at all costs if we want to work out effectively!

The best time for you to drink when working out is after a set of reps or a stint of endurance. This has two main benefits – both in terms of rehydration and in terms of motivation. Just after you have completed a session of exercise your body is at its weakest. Your muscles are tired and in most need of rehydration. If you drink before this point then you are not going to be overloading your muscles and will not, therefore, maximise your potential muscle building ability.

The main question, therefore, is what should you drink? The best option is still to drink water, because not only does it rehydrate you, it also contains ions that help the nerve interactions work properly which will obviously aid your ability to work efficiently. There are alternatives, of course, that have been manufactured in order to try and break into the market. Companies such as Gatorade and Lucozade both offer an assortment of isotonic drinks that contain the same amount of salts as water. However, they are full of sugars or sweeteners so aren’t as healthy as water, yet still offer an alternative should you so desire.

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