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Kelly Osbourne 42 Pound Weight Loss

Kelly Osbourne before and after weight loss pics

Kelly Osbourne Before and After Weight Loss Pics

Everyone knows Kelly Osbourne as the outlandish daughter of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne, who always seems to have her weight brought into the limelight. She once claimed that she didn’t want to be skinny, but last year it seems she changed her mind and managed to drop a whopping 42 pounds.

There are many rumours about how Kelly Osbourne lost weight but she has consistently said that just eating the right things and doing exercise did actually work. There are however a few tips that she has to share for anyone wanting to follow in the steps of Kelly Osbourne’s weight loss. For starters, one unusual tip is to have half an apple before you go to bed. Usually you are not recommended to snack before you go to sleep but Kelly has found that it has helped her having something small and healthy before going to sleep.

Other Kelly Osbourne weight loss tips include cutting sugar from her diet. She quit drinking sodas and informs that she’s avoiding starchy carbs. Kelly also shared a few of her fitness fat loss tips. She performs 30 minutes of cardio training each day, usually treadmill running. Mrs. Osbourne completes her work out with sit-ups and some weight training.

The Kelly Osbourne weight loss routine also involved Pilates as a contributor to her weight loss. She claims that as well as her losing weight, doing Pilates also helped her improve her posture greatly. In terms of her diet, she always used to eat large quantities of unhealthy food; she claimed she binged on various pizzas and cheese – not good for weight loss! However, she now prefers turkey burgers and salads.

Kelly Osbourne’s weight loss has had an effect not only on her appearance, but on other aspects of her life. People who have seen Kelly recently have reported that she is moving with much more life and energy than she used to.

Kelly Osbourne managed to lose weight without any miracle diet. She hasn’t had any weight loss surgery either. Her story has to be an inspiration for all our readers. Mrs. Osbourne dropped 42 pounds after switching to a healthy lifestyle. She eats healthy food and works out daily for at least a half an hour. Kelly’s fat loss experience proves that weight loss is a steady and natural process once we adopt a healthy lifestyle. There is no need for yo-yo or crash dieting. Such routines are ‘The Scare’ for most people preparing for weight loss.

That’s the hows out of the weight, but why has Kelly Osbourne lost weight? Celebrities usually have some sort of motivation behind their need to lose weight and Kelly is no exception; after appearing on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Kelly apparently took some of the comments to heart and was so distressed about her weight at that point that she set herself a target of losing some. She was helped along the way by her partner on the show, Louis Van Amstel. When the show ended she believed she would put it straight back on, but instead she hasn’t and she has even continued to shrink; a glowing testament to her technique; she certainly has been quite a successful celebrity weight loser of recent times. All that’s left to ask now is ‘When is Kelly Osbourne’s weight loss book coming out?’

Until then we invite you to check a Kelly Osbourne weight loss interview:

Kelly Osbourne before and after weight loss photos

Kelly Osbourne Before and After Weight Loss Photos (Click on photo to enlarge)

Kelly Osbourne after weight loss picture

Kelly Osbourne after weight loss picture (Click on photo to enlarge)

Kelly Osbourne before and after fat loss pics

Kelly Osbourne Before and After Fat Loss Pics (Click on photo to enlarge)

Kelly Osbourne before and after fat loss photos

Kelly Osbourne Before and After Fat Loss Photos (Click on photo to enlarge)

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    She is so pretty. I am so happy for her. I think shes a total hotty now.

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    I think it’s great that she’s lost weight and feels better about herself. She looks like Ozzy with breats.

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    This was sooooooo needed! Especially the way she slanders the looks of other celebs.

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    I have battled weight loss and seeing Kelly look so fabulous is very encouraging. I wonder how you could help me get her weight loss advice. Would like to hear from her how she went about it

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