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Kickboxing for Quick Weight Loss

adults performing cardio kickboxing

Adults performing cardio kickboxing.

Kickboxing is not the easiest sport to learn, but it certainly is a way to drop the ponds quickly and safely. Therefore, you may want to consider getting to grips with it. When you are kickboxing, you will bob and weave and punch and kick. All of this will be done in very fast, but highly focused moves. All in all, kickboxing burns several hundred calories per hour, making it excellent for losing weight. Kickboxing weight loss is sustained and many people also feel that the exercises are a lot of fun.

Benefits of Kickboxing for Weight Loss
Kickboxing is classed as a full body workout. Hence, if you are interested in kickboxing for losing weight, it works because all of the big muscle groups are challenged during the sport. It also gives people increased aerobic capacity. Furthermore, it decreases stress, boosts endurance and improves focus. The intensity, however, is much lighter than many other types of aerobic exercises. Therefore, it is a great sport to achieve more balance, strength and stability.

Burning Calories
If you are interested in kickboxing for weight loss, it is all about the calories. The exact amount of calories burned depend mainly on how heavy you are, what your fitness level is and how much effort you put in it. However, let’s compare some averages, which is an hour of a sport for a person that weighs 160lbs. That way, it is easier to see kickboxing weight loss links.
• Tae Kwon Do burns around 730 calories
• Tai Chi burns around 300 calories per hour
• Kickboxing burns around 400 calories per hour

As you can see, it is not the biggest calorie burning sport in the world. However, because the movements are so intense and targeted, you do build a lot of muscle, which in turn burns fat. Hence, kickboxing and weight loss clearly go hand in hand.

Types of Kickboxing
There are many different types of kickboxing. For people trying to lose weight, however, the most commonly used type is cardio kickboxing. This is specifically designed at weight loss and health improvements. It combines martial arts, boxing and aerobics by using moves commonly found in kickboxing, including side and front kicks, jabs and cuts. One very well-known type of cardio kickboxing is Tae Bo. This was developed by Billy Blanks, who made kickboxing fun for women at home. In this program, basic equipment is used to make high intensity movements have higher resistance. There are many other types of kickboxing, but these are basically varieties of the martial art itself and are used as an actual fighting sport.

Kickboxing Moves
Within cardio kickboxing for weight loss, some standard moves included a bob and weave and the boxer shuffle. There will also be a number of upper body exercises, such as cross jabs, hook and elbow digs and front jabs. For your lower body, you are likely to have to do squats, knee crunches, roundhouse kicks, front kicks and side kicks.

A Word of Warning
Kickboxing can at times be an unsafe sport, which is very important to know for people that try kickboxing to lose weight, particularly because these people are often reasonably unfit. If the right techniques are not used, you are at risk of a number of common injuries. Most commonly reported injuries as a result of kickboxing include pulled muscles, sore elbows and wrists, twisted ankles and sprained knees. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not hyper extend your punches and kicks, that you do not lock your joins and that people should not hold or wear any weights in their hands or around their ankles during cardio kickboxing. Also, if you do want to try kickboxing for weight loss, you should always speak to your doctor first.

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    I really did not consider kickboxing as a potential exercise for weight loss….
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