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Lady Gaga Diet and Lifestyle

Lady Gaga Diet

Lady Gaga Diet

Lady Gaga isn’t just a celebrity, she’s becoming a phenomenon. You can either love her or dislike her, because Gaga can’t remain indifferent to anyone. Her hits are controversial while her videos are always reaching the limit of censorship. Gaga’s fashion style is crazy, cranky, somewhere between art and kitsch.

Lady Gaga, or Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta (her real name), was born in New York in 1986. She has both American and Italian origins. The 24-year-old followed a private catholic school and is now one of the most famous celebrity icons. She’s the revelation of the recent years, an urban legend, which inspires admiration, amazement and critics in the same time.

I’m sure that many of you are not only interested in Lady Gaga’s music and fashion appearances, but also in her lifestyle and diet. That’s why I chose to focus, in this article, on Gaga’s nutrition, especially now, when the singer lost a few pounds and had a few health problems.

Lady Gaga seems to follow a single rule which states that, ‘There is no rule’! Everything that she does isn’t conventional, can’t be included in any patterns or defined by anyone. She has her own eclectic style, almost impossible to copy. Have you ever considered that anyone could include in his died a mix of baby-food and cocaine?

The starlet recognized to “occasional” cocaine use, but discourages her fans from following her example, in the September issue of ‘Vanity Fair’. Lady Gaga also admits that she is on prescription medicine, which keeps her “sane”:

“I can’t control my thoughts at all. I’m tortured. But I like that. Lorca says it’s good to be tortured. The thoughts are unstoppable – but so is the music. It comes to me constantly.”

Have you noticed that Lady Gaga lost weight in the last few years? She is several pounds lighter since her first appearances. Many blamed this almost anorexic weight loss on her consumption of cocaine and anti-depressants.

Gaga’s diet included a cigarette a day together with a glass of whiskey. She stated that the combo relaxes her and provides her the much needed inspiration. However, you won’t be surprised that shortly after all these confessions, Lady Gaga fainted on stage during one of her performances. She finally realized that her health problems are caused by her poor diet and permanent fatigue. That’s when Gaga decided to change her lifestyle.

Lady Gaga has employed a personal nutritionist and a chef which take care of her diet and lifestyle. More, Gaga hooked up with Harley Pasternak, a famous celebrity fitness coach, and started working out.

So, let’s take a look and see foods the Lady Gaga diet includes: chips with salsa seeds, grilled turkey steaks, tofu, hummus, vegetables, salads, seafood, coconut juice and of course baby-food.

With the hope that Gaga’s new lifestyle will keep her healthy and inspired we invite you to watch and listen one of her most famous hits, “Bad Romance”:

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