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LeDiet Weight Loss Programmes

lediet weight loss meal

LeDiet Weight Loss Meal

The LeDiet weight loss programme is a French based diet that encourages people to lose weight naturally and at a pace that suits them. The weight loss programmes aim to help specific groups of people and each programme is specific to each group. Although not like a usual diet the LeDiet weight loss programmes have been proven to have fantastic results and even the most important medical website in the United States (www.webmd.com) has cited them as being the ideal solution for a balanced and healthy weight loss.

How Does the LeDiet Work?
The LeDiet is split into five different programmes which aim to help specific members of society individually. The five different programmes available are:
• A balanced slimming programme
• An express slimming programme
• An anti-cellulite programme
• A weight loss programme for people over 45
• An after-baby slimming programme

Most people will know which category they fall into or which programme they would rather embark on however the best way to know for sure is to fill in the online survey on the LeDiet website. This will then create a diet plan that is specific to you as an individual.

The Pros of the LeDiet Weight Loss Programme
The main pro of the LeDiet weight loss programme is that each diet plan is specifically designed to your profile and just by filling in your height, current weight, planned weight and a few extra details you can receive an individual weight loss plan. Many believe that the LeDiet and weight loss go together because of this alone. Most diets are not specific and many people believe that this is the reason why they are only successful for a small amount of the population. In addition no foods are restricted on the LeDiet weight loss programme enabling you to continue to eat the foods you love within reason.

The Cons of the LeDiet Weight Loss Programme
The main thing that people dislike about the LeDiet weight loss programme is the hefty questionnaire that needs to be filled in before you can start it. However for the weight loss programme to work successfully a profile of you in your current state needs to be built and you would have to go through a similar process if you were seeking help from a nutritionist or a professional trainer. In addition there is no exercise regime included with the programme and so you will need to create your own exercise plan to complement the diet.

Further LeDiet information can be found on the LeDiet website however all in all we think that this is a pretty solid plan. Most people who have embarked on the programme found that they lost around 7lbs a month until they reached their target weight. Once a target weight was reached most participants claimed that they found it simple to stay at that weight and they did not put the excess weight back on. Teamed up with an exercise plan it seems that the LeDiet and weight loss really do go hand in hand.

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