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Long Term Weight Loss – The Healthy Way to Lose Weight

woman planning long term weight loss
In this modern era, we have become accustomed to instant results. You only have to look at any football fans’ forum to know that people want instant success and won’t be happy with anything else. Because of this, long term weight loss is often forgotten about; if we don’t get instant results then we are very prone to just give up and forget all about weight loss.

Yet, if we want to achieve healthy weight loss then we need to be able to accept the idea of long term weight loss. We set ourselves goals that are unreasonable; to drop 3 dress sizes in a month is never going to happen and we end up beating ourselves up about the fact that we are unable to achieve what we set out to do. By giving ourselves a long term goal we will not be disheartened when we put on weight one week; we’ll keep going and achieve long term weight loss.

In fact, if you think about putting on weight you soon realise why long term weight loss is actually healthy weight loss. We do not put on all our weight straight away; our bodies don’t suddenly go from being thin to obese after one meal. It is a gradual process where we may put on a few pounds every month for a year and find ourselves a stone overweight. Our bodies don’t react well to immediate change; this is why crash diets are so unsuccessful – we try to do too much at once. Long term weight loss goals mean that you are losing a small amount of weight over a longer period of time.

Weight loss is not easy; many people find it difficult to lose weight quickly, yet if you attempt long term weight loss then you will find that the benefits are innumerable. You will not become demoralised if you put on a little because your goal will not be jeopardised; you’ll still be working towards a long term weight loss goal.

People often tell you that they crash dieted and lost a lot of weight very quickly but it isn’t losing weight that’s the issue; it’s keeping it off. With a long term weight loss strategy you not only lose weight but you get into good habits that make sure you keep the weight off at the end of the process.

Healthy weight loss is the best way to go! This is why you have to change your lifestyle and think about the long term plans.

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